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The difference between a deck and a patio (and how to choose which one is right for you)

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Any oThe utdoor living space is a big upgrade, especially during the warm summer months. The deck or patio Great spot For cook outs and summer gatherings. The deck is different from the patio, although it may not seem that much different. Deck is more suitable in some homes, but in others The patio is the best. There are several convenient ways to determine which one is right for you.

What is the difference between a deck and a patio??

The big difference between a deck and a patio is that the deck is lifted from the ground. The patio is on the ground. Both can be made of a variety of materials, but decks are usually made of lumber. Patios are often made of stone or brick. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing what you want is the shape of the ground you plan to put it on.You will also want to consider if you have Fire pit and barbecue plansThe view you want, and what Local ordinances give you a baby..

Your garden problem

In outdoor space Level area At the same height as your home, the patio can be a good option.addition Paving stone or stone Often-Drainage, flat The area should work..In your garden Have A deck with legs that allows it to stand on hills or steep drop-offs, and uneven or sloping terrain. Is your best bet.. If you have a gentle slope, you can choose to build a patio with built-in stairs or build multiple levels for your seats.You are can also do Choose to use the deck in Of course, a flat surface..

Fire protection considerations

To use the fire pit safely With a nonflammable surface Lots of space around it.. NSo far Place the fire pit directly on a tree or compound deck..If still You have a metal fire pit Stand, you have to use it Great care, Keep the fire extinguisher handy.. Keeping the screen on your fire Helps avoid fires caused by Sparks drifting in the wind. ).The same rules apply when using barbecue On a wooden deck.

A Fire pit is a better bet Stone or brick patio, The surface used is not flammable.

Consider the view

From time to time, the difference between choosing a deck or a patio will affect the view... Lift the deck off the ground for a better view of the sunset and surroundings. view..However, keep in mind that heights can also affect your privacy. Your outdoor spaceAs It may be a raised deck Give your neighbor a better view of you drinking your coffee in your bathrobe..

Ground level Patio can make it easier to maintain privacy With the help of Fence or something green.Patio may also be a good choice you want hide Surrounding scenery-lIf you look next to an office building or highway, the game may not workl Outdoor relaxation for you..

check Rules and building codes before the start of the plan

Outside Practical considerations such as terrain, deck or patio choices are up to you, unless local building codes are an issue. The deck may require a permit, but the patio may not. Some municipalities have rules regarding the height at which the deck can be off the ground, the number of stanchions required per square foot, and the height of the railing...Checking local regulations can help you make decisions Whether to build a deck Especially if it’s worth it You will need Authorized contractor.But even if you choose Patio, you are 811 ( Nationwide “I know before you dig “number). Before you start digging to flatten the ground, first make sure there are no utility lines.

The difference between a deck and a patio (and how to choose which one is right for you)

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