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The corn meat needs to be air-fried

They are great treats!

They are great treats!
Photo: Claire Lower

I love corn.The crunchy and nixtamalized kernel Greater than a snackBut that doesn’t deny the fact that they are incredible drinking snacks. However, corn (also known as quico, cancha, or chupi) is not made directly from the cob. These small toast nibbles are actually made in Hominy —Corn treated with a basic solution to make it more delicious, nutritious and easy to digest.

You can make your own hominy

You can do it Make your own hominyHowever, it can also be purchased dry or canned. I grew up eating canned food as a side (with plenty of butter), but, Much like canned chickpeasYou can put a small amount of oil in a canned hominy and put it in an air fryer to make a crispy and salty snack.

Hominy takes a little longer to be crispy than chickpeas, but the whole thing takes less than 30 minutes. Just grab a can of Hominy (even better) Pick up the “Giant White Cone”, a particular type of Peruvian hominy that produces corn, drain it, rinse it, and drain it again. Preheat the puffy grains and dry them slightly in an air fryer, then sprinkle with enough oil to coat and air fry at 400 ℉ until crispy.

So that’Time to the season, which is a fun part. You can use Hidden Valley powder to make ranch corn nuts, or craft cheese powder to make cheese corn nuts. Old bay corn nuts will be as delicious as Cajun corn nuts. Any of Trader Joe’s seasoning mixes will work, and of course there’s nothing wrong with assaulting your spice cabinet to make your own bespoke flavorful powder.

The amount of corn nuts you make at one time depends on the size of the air fryer. I just want to add enough hominy to create a single layer. For basket models, remove the tray so that the hominy rests directly on the bottom of the basket for easier throwing.

How to makeir fDry corn nuts


  • Canned Hominy
  • Olive oil, vegetable oil, bacon grease, your favorite kind of cooking fat!
  • Seasonings — anything that pleases you!

Drain the hominy with a colander and rinse. Break the small nib that sticks to it, then pour it into a colander for a few minutes. Remove the tray from the air fryer basket and add a hominy to the bottom of the basket to create a single layer. Closing the air fryer and setting it to 400 ℉ will dry the hominy and make it easier to accept fat.

When the air fryer reaches temperature, sprinkle oil on the hominy and coat it with toss. Close the air fryer and shake 3-4 times to cook for 13-22 minutes until the corn nuts sound firm and crispy when shaken in the basket. Transfer to a paper towel and season thoroughly — seriously, it’s difficult to overseason them — and let them cool completely. (Corn nuts continue to become crunchy when cold. Hot nuts = crunchy nuts.)

The corn meat needs to be air-fried

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