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The best window treatment to lower your energy bill this summer

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It’s easy to underestimate the amount of heat generated by Sunlight shining through the window.Invasion even if your home is well insulated sunlight Room temperature can skyrocket —Your energy bill is also If You are using the air conditioner to keep you cool..Fortunately, right Wind choiceCurrent treatments can greatly help alleviate both of these summer struggles.

Custom cut insulated shade is a great solution

One way to help reduce heat invasion into your home Is to install Insulation shadeAlso known as a cellular shade, to the widow exposed to the harshest sunlight. These shades, InsulatedFront air pocket And usually Folds like an accordion, both Reflects heat from Sunlight and general insulation Environmental heat. they Usually cut to fit the window What is It’s relatively easy to install by yourself. Expect to pay about $ 50 or more per window.

OInternal window coverings can be more cost effective

More cost effective Interior window cover options includee Roller blinds, BLINDWhen Insulated drape..Any of these options will shade out some Sunlight and reduction The internal heat it produces. Already used In combination with another shading method, Significantly reduces the amount of ambient heat that enters Your home..

install rEffective film that blocks sunlight

Another option to improve efficiency is Reflective film It connects to the window itself (covering one large window costs about $ 30).. They come with an SGHC (Solar Heat Acquisition Factor) rating that shows how good they are at reducing heat.The more he reduces the number, the more effective the movie.. These are suitable options if: I want to heat the windows without completely obstructing my view...

TTemporary insulation is unsightly but effective

For a temporary solution-for example Out-of-season heat wave —You can use Reflective insulation To prevent the sun from warming your home.Cut the material from the roll to fit the window opening and attach using Temporary caulking Also Detachable tape.. This isn’t the most attractive option, but it can be kept cool with a crunch. It will certainly lower you Energy cost.

install External heat transfer barrier

External options for reducing heat transfer from sunlight include: shutter, Exterior shadeWhen Awning.. All of these help reduce direct sunlight and slow down heat transfer, but they also affect the appearance of the house. In addition, shutters and shades can be cumbersome as they need to be manipulated externally unless they are automated. A small vent should be provided at the top of the material, as the sunshade needs to be ventilated to prevent heat buildup on the top of the structure.

Go tech Automatic solar shade

Automated Solar shade It costs money Increasingly popular options Heat protection for your windows..They can Install on Outside or inside your home Designed to reduce heat transfer. TIn many cases, it can be programmed or operated from a smartphone and can be controlled remotely. You adjust you Heat protection during the warmest hours of the day, Even when you are not at home.

The best window treatment to lower your energy bill this summer

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