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The best way to spend your vacation ‘Buffer Day’

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Going on vacation can be fun, but it can also be exhausting.Jet lag, the fatigue that comes after a packed holiday schedule, plus if you’re traveling with kids, you’re bound to have at least a few meltdowns. Because nothing is more exhausting and predictable than family drama.

As Rachel Orr these days I have written for Washington Postone way to reduce travel stress is to take an extra vacation To give myself a little time to rest and recover.as an ora put it“I use my buffer days to get ahead of the next week and enjoy my space again. Think of it as a little staycation at the end of your vacation.”

I discovered the benefits of vacation buffer days a few years agoand trying to incorporate it Since then, in my travel plansIn my own experience, buffer days can be a very useful tool for rest and recovery;, it is important to use this day intentionally. Otherwise, he’ll spend his days mindlessly scrolling through social media and immersed in information. Just realize you have errands and haven’t refreshed at all in the evening.

make a plan

Vacation buffer days help you rest and recharge. This is why we take extra (very valuable) vacations instead of returning to normal life right away. What an ideal buffer day looks like varies from person to person, but whatever it is, it’s a good idea to take a moment to think about what works best for you.

If sitting down and reading a real book is relaxing, block off It’s time to do it. If you’re sleeping, going to brunch is a relaxing idea. Make a plan to stop the alarm clock, your Favorite brunch spot.

If you want to use that time for housework or errands So You can go back to your work week and relax and get things done. Up Priority (and which can wait)If you want to spend the day in your pajamas watching Netflix and eating chocolate ice cream right out of the box, stock up on your freezer before you leave town.whatever helps to recharge, be intentional to make it happen.

it doesn’t work no matter what i do

I have time to spare, so I check my work emails. Just a bitBefore I knew it, I was busy with work even though it wasn’t even a weekday.

I feel guilty about working overtime, including vacations. In the world we live in, avoiding it is almost impossible.However, when it comes to hard-earned vacation days, especially the very last, it is important to create that barrier. Work can wait.

The best way to spend your vacation ‘Buffer Day’

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