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The best way to save your child’s artwork without taking up space

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If You’re like me, you store most of your child’s rich artwork in one of three places: in an oversized plastic trash can Organized “one day” In the future, it will be temporarily displayed or trashed so that the child feels proudly verified.Every time you throw that “thunderstorm” picture, you feel guilty It looks like 12 Marker a In a battle, or a dramatic rendering of a zombie apocalypse with a second pencil, there isn’t enough space to hold all the masterpieces.

Written earlier Low maintenance method or use Your child’s art, from Show them on ignored walls When Divert them to greeting cardsTo Mail the selected work to your family When Create a private Instagram account for them..

Here, I was inspired by This Tik TokWe share another way to analyze quantities, but still enjoy the quality of your child’s artwork for the next few years.

How to make “Pixel art” of your child’s artwork

In her video, the creator @thecolorfulmother We have shown the process of transforming a child’s work into beautiful framed art that adds an elegant and colorful accent to any room.

This is what you need:

After selecting the work of art you want to reuse, start punching the two-Inch circle of color. (The best candidate for this project is watercolors. You don’t need to apply kids art such as macaroni or feathers.) To your heart’s content, or until you have enough columns to fill the matboard. Punch (The number of circles is up to you And it depends on how close you want them The size of the selected mat board. @thecolorfulmother I created a 7-by-11 grid and created a total of 77 circles).

Place all circles on the matboard in evenly spaced rows before gluing. Use a ruler to measure the margins, leaving the same amount of white space on the top and bottom of the matboard, and on the left and right sides. (For better accuracy, you can measure the space between each circle to ensure a uniform spacing.) Glue the back of each circle and glue it to the mat board. flame. A Beautiful new work of art Born (at a price of about $ 50 for all materials, Or it will be cheaper depending on the frame, which is the most expensive material).

The secret is to prevent the young artist in question from witnessing the diversion. Otherwise, you may enter a pile of tears.They will forget their original creation and will thank you later after they can thank them please do not As a college senior, you need to sift through the art of 650 toddlers to create a place for your new Peloton.

The best way to save your child’s artwork without taking up space

Source link The best way to save your child’s artwork without taking up space

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