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The best way to organize your iPhone home screen

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I like my digital devices being neatly organized. Me Keep clean Mac Desktop, and The home screen of my iPad is pure white..But the iPhone is a little different: We usually want youThe most commonly used apps Front and center, but over time App inevitably Start stacking Leave our phone in a mess..If you feel like you’re spending half your screen time scrolling through the ocean in your appIt’s time to clean up the home screen.

Hide home screen page

If your iPhone has an endless homescreen page, getting things done can feel like a chore.You are can Remove the apps one by one, which takes forever and is often more frustrating than when you started. Instead of wasting time, energy, and sanity to tweak many home screen pages, just hide them.Quick and easyAnd the ability to do so It may be my favorite iOS feature so far.

To get started, press and hold the empty part of the display or press and hold the app[ホーム画面の編集]Select to launch the home screen editor (or “jigle mode” for lovingly browsing). TTap the page switcher (dotted oval) at the bottom of the display to see all the existing ones Home screen page.To hide a specific Tap the page from the home screen check mark.The only limit Do i need to leave at least 1 The home screen page is active, so select it accordingly. When you’re done[完了]Tap to return to a cleaner and more organized home screen.You can repeat this process at any time to restore it before Hidden page.

You can also Hide home screen page during focusTherefore, when you are at work, enjoying your free time, or relaxing at night, you will only see certain pages.

Personally, I have one home screen page that combines my favorite apps and widgets. If you need to use a different app, you can swipe the home screen once to the left to activate the app library that contains all the apps (see below for details). Alternatively, swipe down on the home screen to access Spotlight and search for the app you need.

Hide apps in the app library

Let’s say your home screen isn’t that It’s messy, but it’s not where you want it. Also, suppose you don’t want to delete apps, but you want to hide some apps. Stay away until you need them.You are can Place them in folders, but unnecessary folders are cluttered in their own right.

If you have patience, it’s a good idea to hide your app in the app library. The app library is a collection of all apps on your iPhone, hidden on the last page of your home screen. Starting with iOS 14, the App Library allows you to keep your apps away from your home screen without having to permanently remove them from your iPhone.

Confine Move the app to the app library only, press and hold it, then[アプリの削除]Choose. Then select “Delete from Home Screen”. The app disappears as if you deleted it, but when you search or access the app library, the app waits.

Keep new apps away from the home screen

Why spend all your time and effort curating your home screen just because the new app spoils the overall look? By default, iOS adds new apps to the space available next to the home screen, but you don’t have to. In fact, you can choose to send the new app only to the app library and keep the home screen intact.

To find this option Settings> Home screen,Under[アプリライブラリのみ]Choose Newly downloaded app..

Move apps easily

If you’re in the business of relocating apps on your home screen, whether you move or not Move them to a new page or prace If you put them in a folder, drag them one at a time to stop and select multiple apps at once.

Press and hold one of the apps you want to move and wait for it to go into “jiggle mode”. Hold down an app with your finger and tap another app you want to move with another finger.Magically, they attach themselves to the app you first grabbed..select Drag as much as you like and drag as much Wherever you want to go to them.

The only drawback of This feature cannot be used to move a batch of apps to the app library.Met only works if you move to another location on the home screen.

Batch delete apps using Apple Configurator

You say I don’t want to move or hide apps on my iPhone, However I want to remove them completely.. Doing it one by one will take forever, but tHe is the best way to wipe out a lot Apps that are no longer needed on the iPhone are also the least convenient. you need A Mac, or a friend who owns a Mac, and Apple Configurator.. This is an app developed by Apple to set up your Apple device with specific apps, settings, and data.Organizations such as schools and businesses use this to configure It uses the user device according to the policy, which can be used to batch delete apps from iPhone.

After installing the app on your Mac, connect your iPhone to your computer. Give your Mac access to your iPhone, and when the phone appears in Apple Configurator, double-click it. Click the “Apps” menu from the sidebar, See the complete list of iPhone apps. Select as many items as you need, just as you would select multiple items in another Mac app. After selecting all, press the Delete key and select Delete from the pop-up.

Delete apps directly on iPhone

If you don’t have access to your Mac, unfortunately you’ll have to remove the apps one by one. But YYou don’t have to unintentionally scroll through the home screen pages to randomly delete apps — tHere are some more efficient and effective methods.

The most organized way to remove apps on iPhone is to use the app library. You can access the app library by scrolling the home screen to the far right. TDisplay “App Library” in the search field at the top of this page, List of All iOS apps in alphabetical order, and Scroll to remove the ones you don’t need. The process is the same as the home screen. Press and hold the app icon,[アプリの削除]Select to pop up[削除]Tap.

Another tip to easily remove the app: you can From the App Updates page of the App Store. (((I first learned about this trick Thanks to The Verge.. ) App updates are not Well, app updates only —It also functions as a convenient app clearer. If you find an app update that you didn’t notice on your iPhone, you can easily remove it from your device. Here and there.

First, open the App Store, tap the profile in the upper right,[アプリの更新]Access the page. Swipe down on this screen to reload the available app updates and scroll through the list. If you see an unwanted app on your iPhone, swipe left on it[削除]Show options.Tap To Remove app..

You can also remove the app from Spotlight Search in the same way. Search for the app, press and hold,[削除]Tap.If you only want to delete App To get the most out of your iPhone space Settings> General> iPhone StorageTap the problematic app,[アプリの削除]Select and click again from the pop-up[アプリの削除]Tap.

The best way to organize your iPhone home screen

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