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The best way to make your own croutons is to make one huge crouton

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I don’t know who invented the croutons, but they nailed it.Put a bunch of bread in a bunch The amount of raw vegetables does more than just make the pile of plants more delicious and textured Interestingly, the best croutons are made from old bread, so you can reduce bread waste.

Some people make croutons from bread as a cube., And some people tear it apart (to increase the amount of texture change). AThen there is the preferred method by Cookbook author Ali slangleMake one big crouton and tear it into bite-sized pieces ( Even bigger Texture variations).from Food52:

Ants start croutons as large slices in a frying pan Fried toastThen cut them into bite-sized pieces. This frees us from the inevitable little crumbs that begin to smolder before the rest and gives us a new crouton paradigm: crispy edges, yes, but also a warm, fluffy center.

Recognize this Wisdom, me I decided to make my own big croutons I used semolina bread with 3 cheeses that caught my eye at the grocery store.Ali fries bread in olive oil, which is not a bad plan, but it tastes good so I decided to use bacon grease. It spreads like a dream from the refrigerator.

I sliced ​​an inch of bread from the bread, applied a generous amount of grease to both sides, end to end, and then fried it. In a cast iron pan, put on both sides for a few minutes until a dark golden color with some burnt spots. I took it out of the pan, let it cool for 1 minute, and then broke the fried bread into pieces.

The croutons were very tasty, as is the case with most fried bacon grease. I think they are at home with Cobb salad.they Certainly the outside was crispy and the inside was fluffy, As promised; weBe old Chew them a little more.

You can make huge croutons fromI hit your fantasy bread Recommended to choose Something in a fluffy or chewy interiorNot bread Cake-like internal organs.. The choice of fried fat is up to you, but bacon grease is definitely the way to go.

The best way to make your own croutons is to make one huge crouton

Source link The best way to make your own croutons is to make one huge crouton

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