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The best way to keep an old house warm in winter

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Your old house may be beautiful and charming, but it’s probably a terrible draft and can cost a lot to heat.Modern homes are unattractive copy-and-paste jobs. I criticize it, but it is airtight and warm. However, older homes can be warm too, and you get the best of both worlds.Here’s how to heat efficiently without breaking the bank.

Explore insulation options

this tip Came from CNet: Add insulation to your home, even if it wasn’t built with insulated spaces in mind. Put insulation in the roof where the house can lose a lot of heat, then move on to the walls. It might be a little silly on the roof since few people see it, but you probably don’t want to DIY wall insulation.read These Tips For Insulating Your Basement— or call a pro.

refresh window

Replace your old windows, especially if they are single pane. Adding efficient double glazing doesn’t take away from the home’s old-world charm. intention Helps you stay warm.You are can Fix the draft window without replacing it, but if you’re not using double glazing, you’re really just letting warm air out and cool air in when you don’t need it. Have it installed and hang heavy curtains in front of it for maximum warmth. (Actually, get your drapes now and start saving heat, even if you can’t replace your windows right away.)

insert draft

You should also find areas of draft that are likely to occur where the outdoor air is separated from the indoor air, according to CNet.You can do it DIY door draft blocker, so we’re moving into cheaper territory here.can also grab foam designed to expand Place in a well-ventilated area to block cold air.

Finally, here are some quick tips you can use right now to keep your home warm.

The best way to keep an old house warm in winter

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