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The best way to get your kids to exercise when they don’t like team sports

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We usually associate children with fun play, Garden romp Between Summer dog day, And a fierce break game. However, not all children are the same. Some kids don’t love sports or what we traditionally think of as exercise.Whether it’s an overall dislike of exercise or a dislike of team sports, children may be reluctant to sweat, but obviously. No exercise yet Important to them.. And you can encourage kids to move around without forcing them to join a baseball league they don’t like.

Physical activity options for children who dislike exercise

Nemours Children’s Health For kids who don’t want to pick up a bat or chase a soccer ball, we recommend the following activities.

  • swimming
  • horse riding
  • Dance lesson
  • skate
  • cycling
  • Cheerleader
  • skateboard
  • hiking
  • golf
  • tennis
  • fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • martial arts
  • Yoga (or other fitness class)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • running

Others you might think of are skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, or classic break games like kickball, playground ball, or tag. Relay race in the backyard or set up an obstacle course.

Be creative with what you are doing (and what you are calling it)

From time to time, moving your child is all about how you assemble it.They don’t put too much pressure on them to exercise for them Have To; find a way to make them enjoyable individually.If you love the sand between your toes, organize a beach volleyball game.. If they love water, get a pass to the pool this summer. If they love nature, take them on a scenic hike. Or, Lifehacker’s staff writer (and mom) Sarah Fetti is calling for a “nature walk” to appeal to children.

I understand these kids was That girl. Team sports made me nervous. There was also the prospect of having to run towards the ball, but a few other more agile and aggressive children were also running towards the ball.I noticed until the beginning of adulthood conduct I like to exercise in different ways. And now I’m an indoor cycling instructor. If you can identify what they are enjoying and incorporate those elements into the activities you are planning for them, the kids will skip that “I hate exercise” stage altogether. can.

The best way to get your kids to exercise when they don’t like team sports

Source link The best way to get your kids to exercise when they don’t like team sports

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