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The best way to create AI-generated digital art for free

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image: Brendan Hesse / Midjourney

These days, the internet is obsessed with AI generating art. One of his latest tools is Midjourney. And while the full version requires a monthly subscription, Midjourney lets you use up to 25 images for free, allowing you to view and download images created by other users without ever signing up for a paid account. I can do it.

Midjourney’s images are impressive compared to other art generation apps, and as a result, largely It looks like it was made by a human artist.And, I For real Emphasize the “almost” in the sentence. This is a machine that combines the work of a real human painter, an illustrator and a digital he artist (by the way, no compensation is paid for the work being used in this way). Midjourney is still in beta and the AI ​​can continue to improve, but even the best images of Midjourney look a little off. And so far, the claims (or threats) that AI will “replace” human artists are unproven.

That said, Midjourney is fun to play, and if you keep your expectations in check you can make some really cool stuff. Here’s how to check it yourself.

Join the Midjourney beta and Discord server

AI runs on a dedicated Discord server, so the only real requirement to try Midjourney is a Discord account. Discord is free to use. Most users run it as a desktop app, but you can also run her Discord in your browser if you don’t want to install it on your computer.

  1. go to midjourney.com and click “Join the beta.”
  1. Sign in with your Discord account or create a new account.
  2. When prompted, accept the Discord invitation and link Midjourney to your Discord account. I’m using Midjourney beta.

AI image generation method

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screenshot: Brendan Hesse / Midjourney

You can start using the service by signing in to Midjourney Discord.

  1. Find and join one of the labeled channels on the Midjourney server. “beginner.” There are multiple beginner channels to choose from, and new channels are added regularly to accommodate more users, but these channels may disappear if the server is overloaded. If you don’t see your channel list, check back later.
  2. In your channel, enter: / imagine Your prompt will follow. for example: / Imagine a night sky filled with stars and spaceships then press come in Send a message. You can use additional parameters or even provide a reference photo if you want to make something very specific. Check online user manual For all the different terms and parameters that AI recognizes.
  3. (Note: Prompt and result images are publicly viewable by other Midjourney users and are subject to Midjourney Discord rules and terms of service We explicitly prohibit sensitive content such as gore, nudity, offensive or overly offensive imagery. )
  4. When you send a message, the AI ​​will generate 4 variations of the prompt. Depending on your AI workload, this may take a minute or two, but once the process is complete, the server will ping you with a new message containing the image. The resulting image will be lower resolution and may look a little choppy (this is AI generated art), but should be a good starting point.

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screenshot: Brendan Hesse

From here you can launch another prompt or adjust the image using variations and upscaling.

Below the four image grids is a row of clickable buttons. “V1” finished “V4,” When “U1” finished “U4” Redo button.of “v” A button allows you to create variations based on one of four images. “cormorant” The button upscales one of the images in more detail. You can also redo the prompt and try again. Note, however, that any variation or upscaling you request will consume your free image limit. You can usually get about 3 upscales before the AI ​​hits full resolution.

How to Find Mid-Journey Image History to Find More Art

The image you specifically generated is Half-baked profile page Or in your Discord message history. However, you can freely browse the public Midjourney gallery after the free trial period ends. The web app lets you filter by art style and other search options, and follow specific users to see what else they’re creating.

How much does a paid Midjourney account cost?

If you want to dig deeper into AI and keep using it, Subscriptions from $10/month 200 images per month. Additional plans and bonus features such as “Private” mode are also available for an additional monthly fee. The intermediate images are for personal use only and can be freely downloaded by anyone from the public gallery. Commercial use of the image requires one of our enterprise-level subscription plans.

The best way to create AI-generated digital art for free

Source link The best way to create AI-generated digital art for free

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