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The best way to clean broken glass

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You need to be thorough in order to clean the broken glass.And be thorough enoughSometimes you need to be witty. Even if you have a broom at hand, it’s a good idea to try another method. eIf the broom can’t pick them up in the first place, or if small debris is stuck in the broom’s hair The danger of spelling the next radical session.

If you don’t want to leave the glass, all the best ways include a bit of cleverness. The non-broom hacks for cleaning broken glass are:

First of all: clear the area

Once the glass hits the floor, it’s time to take all the kids, pets, and useless families out of the room. Make sure you are wearing open-toed shoes before you start picking up broken glass.

Start by picking up all the major pieces of glass. If you don’t have gloves, use tongs. Do not kneel where there is broken glass. Sharp edges can penetrate your pants and cut your knees.

After cleaning up what you can do by hand, try the following techniques to tackle the remaining sneaky and stubborn pieces of glass.

Hack the vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming broken glass can cause havoc inside the machine. If using a vacuum cleaner, cover the hose with socks or a thin napkin. This barrier catches all the small pieces of glass that have been sucked up. Be careful when disposing of the glass-covered cloth.

Use a damp paper towel

Disposable wet wipes or folded damp paper towels are a classic way to pick up pieces of glass that brooms usually miss. In this approach, it is important to wear gloves to protect yourself from glass shards that penetrate the paper towels. Fold the moistened paper towel in half.

Be cunning with your carbs

Two pantry items are useful when it comes to cleaning up the glass. they are:

Forbidden toast

Bread slices serve as an effective tool for wiping broken glass shards with a sponge. It’s a great way to pick up a small sliver, but it’s also a deadly breakfast staple.

Mighty potatoes

The second best food option for wiping broken glass: inside potatoes. Cut the potatoes in half and use the meat to pick up a piece of glass.

Use sticky plasters

Even after cleaning most of the broken glass, there is no doubt that small glass spots are still attached. It is advisable to recheck the area using duct tape, lint rollers, or similar glue.

Best way to dispose Of broken glass

Now that you have cleaned the broken glass floor, be sure to dispose of it properly.Instead of throwing it in the trash (where you can definitely tear the bag), wrap a piece of glass in an old rag and place a sharp bunch of it. During ~ Paper bag, and Cardboard box. Increase safety and label the outer container so that the person in contact knows what they are dealing with.

The best way to clean broken glass

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