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The best way to bribe a toddler to eat vegetables

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Feeding infants anything other than chicken nuggets and french fries can feel like a superhuman, almost mythical parenting feat.Indeed, you know them should do it Eating a healthier and more balanced diet that all Instagram parenting “experts” believe is perfectly possible Until the moment you face an infant who refuses to touch anything that is not covered with fried food or cheese.

When it comes to fighting infants Green vegetables, toddlers everytime After all, you win, especially on days when it takes more than an hour to put on your pants.

Studies show that non-food rewards get infants to try more vegetables

TImes like these Seeking desperate measures —nd as a Recent research Conducted by researchers at Maastricht University in the NetherlandsBribes your toddlers to eat their vegetables is a strategy that can work.

In this experiment, recently presented at this year’s European Obesity Conference, researchers test whether infants can eat a wider variety of vegetables by offering fun non-food rewards such as stickers and small toys. Did. To get startedMany day care infants in the Netherlands were divided into three groups. One group was exposed to a variety of vegetables and was rewarded for each try. One group was exposed to various vegetables but was not rewarded, while the third group was not exposed to and received vegetables. Reward.

At the end of the experiment, Fun, non-food rewards were offered, and were willing to eat a wider variety of vegetables compared to infants who were not rewarded or exposed to a variety of vegetables.

“Rewarding infants by tasting vegetables also seems to motivate them to try different vegetables,” said research leader Brit van Belcom. .. press release.. “However, the type of reward is very important.It should be fun, but it’s not food. ”

Aggressive reinforcement work

“Toddlers react very well to positive enhancements,” he said. Beth OlahGanzhou Plainville-based family doctor.. This could be in the form of a sticker, or it could be applause and verbal praise. Some toddlers can try more vegetables by providing stickers and small toys.

But, as Olah warns, “it may set a precedent that you don’t have to continue.” One of the potential drawbacks is that the toddler sits at the table for a meal, etc. It is possible to start expecting rewards for other routines.

Still, “every parent knows his or her child best,” Oller said. “If a sticker is going to get your child to try something new, that may not be that bad.”

The best way to bribe a toddler to eat vegetables

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