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The best new features of watchOS 9

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WatchOS 9 to release this fAll have lots of new features that you’ll want to check out. Most of these features are related to fitness, including a new multisport mode for triathletes, the ability to track heart rate zones, and enhanced swimming tracking. It also has new accessibility features and improved sleep tracking capabilities. Here’s everything worth looking forward to with watchOS 9.

Medicine reminder

If you keep forgetting to take your medicine You can set reminders on watchOS 9 on time..You can do it You can also use this feature to track your intake of vitamins and other dietary supplements... Apple says people in the United States.S. You can receive alerts about important interactions with a particular drug, such as avoiding alcohol while taking a particular drug.

AFib tracking enhancements

Apple Watch You can already track an instance of atrial fibrillation (AFib), but with watchOS 9, you will get more insights condition. If you are diagnosed with AFib, watchOS 9 has an additional feature that indicates how often your heart’s rhythm is a sign of AFib. The ability to track your AFib history is also new to the Apple Watch, which, according to the company, is FDA-approved for people of all ages. 22 years old and over In the United States.S. A person diagnosed with AFib.

New running form indicators

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Even experienced runners The end of a long run.Fatigue and lack of proper strength training can make you worse A form that can lead to injury. With WatchOS 9, you can monitor several running form indicators, such as stride length, ground contact time, and vertical vibration.

You can customize the workout view on your Apple Watch to add these metrics or track them from the fitness app on your iPhone.

Upgraded workout app

The Apple Watch workout app will have some enhancements in watchOS 9. This allows you to create custom workouts to add work and break intervals to your exercise regimen. If you’re working to speed up a marathon, you can use a custom workout to run hard for 5 minutes, rest for 2 minutes, and repeat.

Separately, the workout app allows you to track your workout intensity with a heart rate zone, cadence, and a dynamic paste lacquer that alerts you when it’s too fast or too fast. It will be slow during the training.

Race yourself

I want to take a running challenge, Not leaning to share Training with everyone, WatchOS 9 has the ability to race yourself on frequently used routes. When you return to the route you recently ran, the clock will ask you if you want to improve your time.You can accept and have challenges Healthy competition with yourself.

Check your running intensity

If you’re trying to train your body to run at higher intensity, it’s a good idea to use a watchOS 9 metric called Running Power...It measures the intensity of your runs and helps you find a sustainable way to complete them..

Multisport mode for triathletes

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Apple Watch gets multisport mode for triathlonlet’s This allows you to track different types of training (running, swimming, cycling) without having to switch between training modes repeatedly. That’s good, but the battery life of the Apple Watch is still a limit for endurance athletes. People like participleI ate at Ironman Triathlon..

Enhanced swimming tracking

For swimming training in the pool, Apple has added kickboard detection to watchOS 9. When swimming with a kickboard, the watch can detect it and add the correct stroke type. In future versions of watchOS SWOLF scoreMeasure swimming efficiency.

Improved sleep data

Sleep tracking data is also improved on the Apple Watch — it can indicate how long you slept, when you woke up, and how much time you spent in the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase. You can get the most out of your sleep Check your sleep trends and get data with the Health app on your iPhone. In watchOS 9, this data displays your breathing rate and heart rate along with your sleep data.

Accessibility upgrade

WatchOS 9 makes several upgrades to the accessibility features of Apple Watch. You can use the double pinch gesture to start a workout or take a picture. People with physical or motor disabilities can also stream their Apple Watch to their iPhone and use wearables to control it. A suite of accessibility features for the iPhone.

Increased productivity

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Finally, watchOS 9 brings a small but significant productivity boost to the Apple Watch. Dock that can be opened by pressing the side button gives priority to apps running in the background.This will give you easy access to your app I’m actually using it.

You can now create calendar events directly from your watch, and notifications will not take over the entire screen when using wearables.Clock keyboard Get support for additional languages, include French and Spanish.

The best new features of watchOS 9

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