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The best “friend dating” ideas that go beyond just drinking

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Romantic dates may get all the attention, Maintaining adult friendship Deserves as much love.And a dating app like Bumble Friendship-specific sect, The idea of ​​”friend dating” is becoming more and more appreciated. After all, making new friends as an adult is not always easy, It’s not impossible.

Not only becoming a classic Date night activity At the designated friendship time, but also, Platonic dates definitely have more room to wiggle for the kind of activity you can do. You don’t have to work hard with your old and new friends to look cool and attractive. please think about it. Hike with a new love interest means that you don’t feel sick and sweaty, and in the worst case you don’t get killed in the woods. Hiking with friends, on the other hand, means taking as many breaks as you need.

Maybe you want to know someone new from work or Bumble BFF. Maybe you lose contact with your old friend and need to rekindle Plato’s flames. Whatever the stage of friendship, here are some ideas for spending a fulfilling time with your friends. And you can even make new friends while you’re there.

Next friend dating ideas

  • Bookstore day. Support your local business, find new things to read, and become each other’s Manic Pixie Dream Girls.
  • We will cook dinner together. If you want to do this with a group of friends, make it a real takeaway.
  • Nights on dates other than dates. We’re talking about fashionable clothes, restaurants we’ve never been to, and lots of wine.
  • I’m going hiking. If you don’t live in a place with accessible roads, this could just be a nice, long walk together. Or you can spend the day and get into nature a little further away from the town.
  • Local comedy show or open mic night. You can watch quality shows or terrible talent helps the bond between you and your friends. This is especially useful for new friends, so you don’t have to talk all the time. It’s also great for old friends who just lock their eyes to tell a lot about what’s happening on stage.
  • Running / walking / cycling club. Apart from the fitness aspect of it, this is a great opportunity to get to know your community and understand where you live. Group activities like this can also help relieve the pressure of dating friends who may or may not want to talk all the time.
  • Fitness class. Same as above, but feel free to do yoga or Pilates.Don’t forget to segue on eating and grabbing a bite to eat I’ll drink it later. resemble.
  • “First date” activity. Movies, museums and cafes come to mind.
  • Ceramic art class. Or a class that takes you out of the comfort zone and tries something new together.
  • picnic. Take advantage of relaxing park days as the weather warms up.
  • Frugal shopping.. Find some of the most wacky items available at garage sales and thrift shops as a more exciting way than regular retail stores and window shopping.
  • Play tourists. Maybe it’s a ghost tour, An iconic diner or national landmark.. Find the one with the most tourists in your town. If you haven’t been there before, there are additional points.

Take out

The beauty of many friendships is that you don’t have to do anything special together. Sometimes you just need a beer and a few hours of conversation. Still, consider enlivening things with your old and new friends. Just as dating nights help keep sparks alive in your romantic relationships, you should make time for your platonic friendship.

The best “friend dating” ideas that go beyond just drinking

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