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The best beach sandwiches have only 3 ingredients

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Photo: Claire Lower

I hate giving it to the French, but the best beach / hiking / picnic sandwich is the Jumbon veil (ham butter). Baguettes, butter and ham are all you need.

Eating food outside in the sand and sea (or trees and squirrels) is clearly a summery way of eating. Sandwiches were made for such a meal — after all, they were designed to be eaten while the eater was doing something else. Originally gambling, outdoor people can take advantage of the portability of sandwiches while hiking in the woods, sitting on the lawn, or relaxing on the beach. All sandwiches can be enjoyed this way, but Jumbon Veil is by far your best choice.

Jumbon Veil is the perfect beach sandwich

Aside from the incredible taste, I’ll talk about this soon. This sandwich is a structural wonder designed to move well, keep shape and never be soggy. Both filling materials (ham and butter) are hydrophobic (water repellent), so no water is absorbed by the bread. This lack of water also leads to extreme packing. Thanks to its high fat and low water content, this sandwich can be eaten all day long in a warm beach bag or backpack-no, it’s fun! -.

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Photo: Claire Lower

It’s also very easy to create. I love Muffuletta (or similar press sandwiches). It’s also hard to grab, but they contain so many ingredients that they need to be pressed overnight. Jumbon veils are easier, more airy, and can be tapped together just before the door is exhausted.

Unlike Muffuletta and its cousins, Jumbon Buerre does not contain any. There are no finely chopped lettuce, olive tapenades or slippery pickles. Nothing slips, falls, or splatters on a tanned knee.

This sandwich is also practical and delicious. The combination of salty pork and creamy butter is very French and decadent — and the French are very good in decadent. Using two incredibly flavorful and rich ingredients means that you only need two. The combination of these creates a salty, plump, creamy bite that miraculously doesn’t feel heavy.

With less ingredients, it makes sense to buy high quality bread, butter and ham. Get a fresh baguette of crust that has a nice caramel color and makes a slight crackling sound when squeezed, and grab the butter. flavor..I use Kelly Gold, but the sandwich above is Duck frosting Because that’s what I had at room temperature. To be honest, Kelly Gold is better, so choose pure butter over compound.

As for ham, I like prosciutto such as prosciutto, spec, jamon ibérico, and country ham, but Parisian-style prosciutto is traditional. For best results, keep the flavor simple and avoid honey ham and the like.

Slice the baguette horizontally (keep it whole or cut into smaller segments as needed) and spread a thick layer of butter on both sides before stacking on thinly sliced ​​ham. Close it, wrap it, take it out, and eat it. Do not add cheese (which already contains creamy butter) or vegetables. The beauty of this sandwich lies in its simplicity. If you accept it, you will be rewarded with a perfect outdoor meal.

The best beach sandwiches have only 3 ingredients

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