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The Best Amazon Prime Benefits You Don’t Know

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Popular online Wisdom holds it Amazon is evil When You should stop giving them your money..Still some Used by 76.6 million households in the United States Amazon PrimeThat is, the message has not reached some of us, or weI left myself to our destiny. And if you intend to do business with the devil, you should make the most of it as much as possible. That’s why it’s worth knowing about all the benefits of your prime membership. Harmful to the environment, Financially damaging (But very convenient) 2 days Shipping.

These services extend to different perks for food delivery, different forms of entertainment, and even digital memory storage space. Here are 9 non-shipments The benefits of prime membership you may know.

Grubhub +. Current On July 6, 2022, all Amazon Prime members will be able to take advantage of Grubhub +’s one-year free membership. (And it It also works seamlessly +). Grubhub + membership includes an unlimited $ 0 food delivery fee for orders over $ 12, as well as benefits and perks such as free food and order discounts. To activate this transaction go to amazon.com/grubhub Follow the instructions.

“Not in a hurry” delivery. Amazon Prime Member You can choose to Get a lot of discounts order Select “Not in a hurry” delivery at checkout.. No rush delivery helps Amazon prioritize the fastest delivery to more customers Urgent needs (if you really need that egg timer by tomorrow).. A little patience can earn you a few dollars from future movie rentals and other perks.

Please try before you buy. If you’ve bought clothes online before, you know it’s an incomplete process.Until then Your package will arrive, You need to hold your breath and pray that the item looks and fits what you want. TAmazon’s “Try Before You Buy” program removes some of the tedious work of the process..With this benefit, you can try what you are eligible for clothing itemBefore actually paying for shoes and accessories.Amazon gives you 7 days to try items at home, and Price only For the items you will hold.

Unlimited photo storage / 5GB video storage. Just because all your photos are digital doesn’t mean you don’t need space to store them. Prime members have access to unlimited full-resolution photo storage. plus 5GB video storage.. This allows users to share and access all photo files on their desktop, mobile and tablet. Additional video storage plans start at $ 1.99 per month and can be canceled at any time.

Amazon Music Prime.. Not perfect Spotify or Apple Music, However Your Amazon Prime membership comes with a free Amazon Music Prime subscription. include Over 2 million songs, thousands of playlists, podcasts, And curated stations —And no ads..You can also Download songs and listen offline. (There is also a paid tier, and you can access about 90 million songs from $ 8.99 per month, or $ 3.99. If you have an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. )

Amazon pharmacy.. When using Amazon Pharmacy, Prime members are potentially Lower drug prices.. Prime members can save up to 80% for generics and 40% for branded prescription drugs when paying without insurance ((((the Discounts cannot be combined with additional insurance plans).Also included in Amazon Pharmacy for Prime members Option to receive a prescription on either Over 60,000 pharmacies, if needed for the day..

Free books, magazines, audiobooks.. Amazon Prime membership includes a program called Prime Reading. Make it accessible to members Thousands Free books and magazines.. With this service, you can download and read up to 10 books at a time. Many Prime Reading Books Benefiting from Audible narration. You can access your benefits using your Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet.or Download the Kindle app to your iOS or Android device.

Prime video.. You know about this. Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming service..It’s a place you can see Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Also Wheel of time Also That new Lord of the Ring sAmazon is even worse at promoting content than Netflix, so you probably haven’t heard of other show methods or much more.

Share the benefits of prime.. YYou can access some Like Amazon, the aforementioned benefits of Amazon Prime subscriptions without actually paying for Amazon Prime subscriptions Surprisingly relaxing, if not actively encouraging Customers sharing an account. To share your account with someone, simply add your account to your “household” as follows: This prompt..The only friction is what you have to do Agree to share payment method..If you don’t want to go that far, at least Share only free shipping benefits With one other account.

The Best Amazon Prime Benefits You Don’t Know

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