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The 8 things that stress Americans the most (and some hope for each)

Inflation Falls, Fed Will Pivot Soon: Wharton’s Siegel

Inflation started rising globally in 2021 and has not abated since, likely due to pandemic-related stimulus measures and pandemic-related supply chain issues.Americans are undoubtedly freaked out: The things they usually buy suddenly drastically More expensive is a jarring experience. But inflation has its advantages, especially if you are in debt.

You only have to pay back what you borrowed, so if the value of 1 dollar decreases, your debt will decrease. Not bad for a 401K, but at home or student loans. With Venezuelan inflation going on for weeks, Ham can pay for his sandwiches with a credit card.

Of course, a 1,500% inflation rate meant there were bigger problems than paying back the money you borrowed, but the current rate of inflation is “that’s all” 8%, and there is reason to think that number has already peaked (although it probably Please wait until the price starts to drop).

Inflation is the result of too much money in the system, and if it wants to bring inflation down, the Federal Reserve will use the brakes on the economy by making it more expensive to borrow money.The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 3 percentage points in the last 6 monthsThey are relatively delicate to pedal to raise interest rates. too much, too fast because it can lead to depressionWe haven’t seen a dramatic effect yet, but according to some economists, including Paul Krugman, it’s simply The time lag between the enactment of policies and the realization of their effectsTherefore, the days of a more rational economy await. perhaps.

The 8 things that stress Americans the most (and some hope for each)

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