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Sunscreen is not bad for you

Man applying sunscreen

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If you’re trying to get an opinion on social media, it’s hard to do it by telling people things They already know that it is true. Instead, you have to surprise them: crunch is bad now, raw meat is good for you, and sunscreens-ordinary old indisputable sunscreens-are probably causing cancer now.

Just move the goalpost so that no one points out an obvious contradiction (the sun can cause far more cancer than sunscreen): sunscreen chemicals are endocrine disruptors, Any sound that is bad for coral reefs or that is compelling at the moment.

None of this actually sums when you look it up: TThe benefits of sunscreen are genuine and well established.I will need something TRUE Sunscreen mistakes (sunscreens of all kinds) far outweigh these benefits, so it’s best not to use sunscreen.

Sunscreen does not cause cancer

First, let’s look at the claim that skin cancer is caused by the sunscreen itself, not the sun. Some facts-After being disseminated on social media, the checking agency examined this claim and I will guide you to their report. Here When Here..who Estimate Eighty percent of skin cancers can be prevented with sunscreen.

In 2021, some sunscreens Found to contain trace amounts of benzene, Known as a carcinogen. However, benzene is not a sunscreen ingredient. It was pollution, and the laboratories that published the results were trying to promote better regulations to prevent pollution, rather than claiming that sunscreen was always harmful. Trace amounts of benzene are also found in air, water and soil.This is not goodAt all, but it’s not a sunscreen issue.

It is not known that sunscreen ingredients can ruin your hormones

Another claim related to sunscreen safety is that some of the popular active ingredients, such as oxybenzone, are “endocrine disruptors.” This is based on animal studies and shows that vast amounts of substances (much more than everyone is exposed to sunscreen) can disrupt animal hormones. No research on humans I have shown danger here.

More research is needed, but this is not yet the reason to chuck your sunscreen. In the meantime, if you are concerned about oxybenzone, you can use a mineral sunscreen instead.

Sunscreen does not cause you vitamin D deficiency

One way to get vitamin D is from the sun. Sunlight helps convert the inert form of vitamin D in our skin into a form that our body can use.

Some ancient adjoining influencers and biohackers have used this fact to argue that they need to absorb as much sun as possible to maximize vitamin D levels. But if you’re worried about vitamin D, make sure you always take supplements or eat plenty of vitamin-containing foods. (Your body doesn’t care if you got your D from the sun or from your diet.)

A Consensus statement From “13 experts in endocrinology, dermatology, photobiology, epidemiology, and bio-anthropology”, we conclude that it is okay to use sunscreen normally for sunscreen. It’s a different story for those who have skin conditions that require extreme protection and have little time to spend in the sun. Those people should supplement with vitamin D.

I don’t really know if sunscreen is damaging the reefs

Some of the chemicals in sunscreen are toxic to large amounts of coral. Only that is clear from the experiments in the laboratory. However, the amount of chemicals used in these experiments was not found in nature, even in the beach areas that are popular with swimmers. Trace amounts of sunscreen chemicals can affect corals, but there is no evidence for or against it.

If you care about coral, it’s important to know that there are bigger problems than sunscreen. These include rising temperatures due to climate change and sewage and wastewater released into the sea. On the other hand, the sunscreen “leaf safe” label is not proof-base; I’m not sure if “leaf-safe” sunscreens are actually better suited for corals than unlabeled corals..

Fear of sunscreenMongering is separated from reality

Despite all of the above, you’ll see these claims continue to grow as there is money to make by scaring people from sunscreen. If you have a wellness brand that focuses on doing things in a “natural” or “ancestral” way, posting negative things about sunscreen will make most readers happy and some Readers get angry and lead to a fight that fills the algorithm with comments.

Meanwhile, sunscreen vendors accept some of these myths and explain why. their Sunscreen is safer. If you google for terms related to sunscreen safety, you’ll see an ad for the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Safety Guide. This is bullshit for the same reason that the “dozen dozen” production guides are bullshit. fineHowever, they make money by convincing people that they need to choose a particular type of product (or vegetable) over others and need the help of the EWG to do so.

However, the conclusions are summarized as follows: This FAQ by the American Academy of Dermatology: “Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from UV rays. Sunscreen ingredients are toxic or human. No claims have been made that it is harmful to health. “

Sunscreen is not bad for you

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