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Stop thinking you’re too old to do what you want to do

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There are many ways Our culture To tell We are “too old” for a particular job Activity, Or pursuit.The game show asks participants how old a woman should stop wearing clothing.Featured industry star It is praised on the list of successful “under 30” or “under 40”. Magazine cover A young model of sports, or an old model that can afford enough Botox to look artificially young.

You are a professional success, a career change, Or a particular hobby — but you aren’t. It’s time to fight that idea completely.

You’re not “too old” to be unrelated to your job

It’s easy to start feeling too old at work. Every year, new graduates come to the real world and are ready to join the company with a better understanding of fresh ideas and the latest technologies and social media platforms. Just because a young colleague has a different idea than you does not mean that your idea is bad or outdated.A company with a diverse pool of workers with a unique perspective and life experience Are better If everyone is willing to listen to each other and compromise on a solution, they are ready for success. An empirical understanding of how things work in your field is just as important as a young person’s idea of ​​how you can modernize your work.And vice versa.

“We feel too old as consumers, so we feel too old in a professional context. Then we go to work and receive the message we saw on TV. , People over the age of 35 try to convince people that they are still involved. ” Laurie RuettimanPersonnel consultants and authors Bet on you: How to put yourself first and (finally) control your career..

She looked for a “role model that kicks her ass and names it” and suggested making it your mentor. You can even find older people in your community or workplace doing what you want to do, or even read stories of older people killing games and looking for inspiration online.

“Don’t pretend you’re young,” Ruettimann warned. “Nothing is worse than an older person who works hard. Comparison and competition deprive you of your joy.”

It’s never too late to move forward

Reaching a certain age does not mean that you are stuck at any stage of your current job or life. People are constantly changing their career paths.

“The best advice is to always believe in yourself and what you are naturally good at,” he said. Nita Marie, A mother who became the OnlyFans model who succeeded away from her original career 20 years later. “Ask yourself really. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be and how much money you make. It doesn’t matter what others think about it. Good, good work, But that was what you enjoyed, what is it? Believe in the answer, whatever it is. “

If moving to adult entertainment in your 40s isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s fine. Marie’s story shows that you can make dramatic career changes at any time in your life. Ruettimann added that by returning to school and contacting the alumni department, you can seek help and inspiration in different locations.

“Please go back and say”I am a graduate and need some referrals. Who do you know in the company or industry I want to work for? ,‘“She said. You can find examples of all kinds of people who have built their careers at different ages. You aren’t too old anywhere.

You too are too old to enjoy

If you love k-pop, reality TV, or TikTok, it’s perfect for you. There is no age limit for these things.

“People often create self-limiting stories about when it’s too late for something, based on overly rigorous and perfectionist ideas about what things should be,” clinically said. Director and founder Brook Sprawl said. My LA therapy.. SHe suggested Remember that it’s only that time that really matters First your.

“We have to think about how we want to live the rest of our lives, regardless of age,” she added. “And in fact, none of us know how much time we have left, So all we can do is make our lives what we want now. “

Get those BTS tickets. Post that TikTok dance. Get on the dating app. You never bYou’re as young as you are at this moment, but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Stop thinking you’re too old to do what you want to do

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