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Stop Sharing Tinder Screenshots Online Monsters

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Don’t be shocked by the words “the internet has privacy issues”. But just because we’ve lost much of what we traditionally thought of as privacy doesn’t mean we should resort to bad behavior. Case in point: Share a screenshot of a person’s dating app profile. If so, you should stop.

I’ve missed the dating app boat so I’m admittedly not a very familiar person with them. conduct We know a thing or two about privacy, and people’s tendency to share their dating app profiles is far from it. Not only is this unfair to users who make their Tinder profiles public for millions to see, it’s also unsafe.

Dating apps require a lot of personal information

When someone creates a dating profile on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc., we expect them to share enough personal information to facilitate meeting other users. Most of them include your name, age, location, school, interests and of course your photo.

People include this information under the assumption that it will only be shared with other users of the app, especially those within a specified radius.Indeed, it many Depending on where you live, it’s a controlled number of people. All users of the same app. Tell all Hinge her users in New York City that you are in graduate school at her 23 years old. every day Not everyone connected to the internet.

However, when someone within radius takes a screenshot of this information and posts it to the internet, the number of people who have access to it grows exponentially. world, and for what? internet point? Fleeting fame? grow up.

Poorly moderated forums spread these screenshots

It was a post on r/tinder that really caught my attention. I don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy any further so I won’t link it here. However, one Reddit user posted a screenshot of a Tinder user’s profile on the subreddit. The post has nearly 30,000 upvotes, and in total he has over 40,000 votes and nearly 5,500 comments, many of which criticize Tinder users’ profile choices.

Of course, this is the internet and cruelty is to be expected. However, this user had his name, age, school, hometown, and photo published on his Reddit community of over 5.6 million people. Not only that, but I don’t even subscribe to r/tinder. I saw it while browsing r/popular, so it’s impossible to say how many people who aren’t subscribed have seen or engaged with the post.

I saw one comment thread arguing against the obvious invasion of privacy going on here, but most thought it was just making fun of Tinder user profiles. Who knows if you used Google.

The Redditor was wrong when he posted the screenshot in the first place and should stop doing that.but it is Also It’s wrong for the subreddit to allow that in the first place. R/tinder has a vague policy against sharing personal information.

Images containing personal information (phone number, address, Facebook account, unique/easily identifiable name, or other similar information) will be removed.

Technically, there is nothing in the screenshot that violates that policy. The town was listed, but no address. The name was familiar. This policy is restrictive enough to discourage users from sharing screenshots of DMs containing information such as phone numbers and home addresses, but sufficiently restrictive to share information such as age and location. Loose.

Sharing screenshots of dating apps puts people at risk

This loophole is a big problem. The information in that post is enough for creeps to search for this user elsewhere on the internet, potentially pinpointing where they live. You shouldn’t feel like you’re exposing yourself by using it as designed, but thanks to the poor moderation on forums like Reddit, there are dangers out there.

Sure, you can share less information on your profile, but that defeats the purpose.You are I want Know a little bit about your potential matches on these apps before you get in touch. It’s good to know if they’re close in age, live in the area, or have similar interests.

So if you share your Tinder profile on the internet, please respect everyone’s privacy. stopAfter all, no one wants to date a creep.

Stop Sharing Tinder Screenshots Online Monsters

Source link Stop Sharing Tinder Screenshots Online Monsters

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