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Stop Anger-Tweet on Airline

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If your flight is canceled or delayed, you may want to take out your phone and tweet fiercely with a large, confirmed account associated with the airline.In addition to the fact that this doesn’t magically bring the flight back into orbit, there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t anger an airline (or a big company).).

You’re just harassing digital workers who don’t have a say in running your company

I have worked for social and digital teams from several different news media companies. It was my job to tweet articles written by other journalists. And I was able to see the reply to the post. I was never responsible for what story was written, how it was written, or how and when it was presented online. A ferocious reaction — “Is this news?” And “Why don’t you cover XYZ?” Comes to mind — revealing that no one tweeting to the account really understands it.

The editors, producers, and reporters who caused the reader’s indigestion that day were barely aware of the small fits made in the reply because they were absent from work. their The roles were completely separate, There were channels that could report readers’ angry tweets to stakeholders, but even if they didn’t realize that the tweeters were actually offending 24 people, they were dealt with with such contempt. After that, I was usually sick of doing it. 1 year old with no authority over editorial decisions.

That’s all the same for almost every major company. Do you really believe that Delta’s CEO is monitoring your company’s Twitter account, or do you think American Airlines pilots will see your angry and blame messages? No, some digital employees, or worse, third-party social media managers do. That person can make a fuss about the problem at this point.It takes time to pass your message to anyone who is even a little involved in the problem, especially when they are defending the thru Every day of those messages.

Much, The clearest and weirdest example of this was given to us at Memorial Day Weekend. A Twitter user with 33 followers tweeted on his official Delta account, claiming that he was “waiting for Daisy to get things right” regarding the flight. They used 7 question marks and 2 exclamation marks. Delta accounts are run by real living people who are not in the C Suite or cockpit.Incredibly answered“Can you calm down and let me work for a while?”

They followed up to assure customers that they were contacting the support desk on their behalf. It is important to note this. Yes sometimes The person who manages the account at the time of your tweet can do something practical. You may be able to rebook or get other compensation, but by talking directly to customer service at the airport or by phone, you can achieve similar results without threatening anyone who may be involved in other major duties. You can get it. Launch a meme designed to promote the brand..

You look like a dick

In one of the jobs I was on the digital team, tweeting to a company was completely banned because my personal social media account was verified and my place of employment was identified. Simply put, my employer didn’t want the staff to look like a lot of rude people. cover The company they were furious with-tweet.

You may not be a journalist with ethical ethics related to prejudice, but you still don’t want to be like a dislike, especially if Twitter is related to your online professional presence. .. If not, you look like a moody clown. For example, in the now viral exchange between an angry tweeter and a Delta account, the original ferocious post has 438 likes. Delta’s response is approaching 36,000. Indeed, of the 34 replies to the original tweet, many are from people who sympathize with a similar travel experience. So if you’re looking for comfort and friendship rather than results, you can tweet at the company to get what you’re looking for. , You still look like a dick.

What to do instead

Staffing issues, especially after COVID-related masking obligations have been lifted, and weather will play a major role in airline struggles. These factors are out of control and can, of course, be frustrating if your flight does not go as planned. If changes occur while you are at the airport, look for an employee who can immediately provide guidance on the next best steps. We provide hotel vouchers or rebookings. If this happens when you are away from the airport, please call customer service as soon as possible. You are still a paid customer and have some reliance obligations. Here is a guide on how to call a real personNo matter which airline you fly with.

To the best of your ability Book your trip with delays and cancellations in mind.. If possible, try to fill the schedule.

Keep in mind that airline employees, from check-in agents to social media managers, are also people. Treat them kindly and with respect. It’s not really their fault.And if you act with respect, they tend to pull some strings or move extra distances for you...

Stop Anger-Tweet on Airline

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