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Spray permethrin on your shoes to avoid ticks this summer

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If you’re tired of the idea that you might be bitten by ticks this summer (honestly, the chances are good), now is the time to get a bottle of permethrin spray. Permethrin-Processing shoes is one of the easiest ways to set a barrier between hungry mites and your delicious, blood-filled meat.

Mites hang near the ground because they need to spend time on soil and fallen leaves to prevent them from drying out. They find us by climbing grass stalks and reaching out with small feet as we pass by. (Do the same for deer, rabbits, and other creatures that you think are delicious.) When you find a warm body, you crawl upwards.

What this means to you: If you want to avoid tick bites, the most important place to protect yourself is roughly from your knees down. You probably only have one or two shoes that you tend to wear on tall grass (hiking boots, sneakers, maybe work boots), so applying a long-lasting layer of permethrin to your shoes is all you do. Greatly helps to protect the summer.

If you go camping, you can increase protection by using permethrin on socks, trousers, and other clothing and gear (such as tents and backpacks). Skin insect repellent spray (which contains effective active ingredients like DEET) is another item, but it’s also a good defense. Bonus: Permethrin and DEET also protect against mosquitoes.

What is permethrin? How does it work?

Permethrin is an insecticide originally derived from chrysanthemum flowers, but what you can buy today is a synthetic version.Safe for people and pets If for some reason you can’t ingest, inhale, or absorb it in large quantities.. Please note that permethrin spray is intended for use on clothing and objects. No On the skin. It can irritate the skin and our skin can actually break down the chemicals in the repellent and make it useless.

But in shoes and clothing, permethrin is great. When exposed to it, mites are difficult to walk and move, even for very short periods of time, and are probably unable to chew. Lab test shows That tick, usually a good mountaineer, tends to fall off clothes treated with permethrin. Similarly, mosquitoes can be killed or incapacitated by clothing permethrin.

Permethrin is not the only defense against mites (or mosquitoes). Judicial disqualifying sprays on the skin are an important second layer of protection. But that helps a lot. Especially when you’ve just stepped into your backyard or forgot to spray insect repellent deep into the forest.

How to apply permethrin to shoes, clothes and camping equipment

One of the most useful features of permethrin is that it can stick to your clothes for months, even after repeated washes. You can also buy clothes that are already treated with permethrin. Check with your camping equipment supplier.

However, you can do it yourself.Buy a bottle of Permethrin spray Contains 0.5% permethrin. This is an EPA-registered pesticide with a detailed description on the label.

Basically, go outdoors (or in a well-ventilated area) and lay your clothes flat. For shoes, remove the laces and open the shoes as much as possible. Then spray a generous amount of permethrin to visibly wet the fabric and allow it to dry before wearing. In addition to shoes and clothes, we can also handle tents, rucksacks, hats, etc.

Note how long the protection lasts. The label may say 6 weeks or 6 washes, whichever comes first. Don’t forget to reapply when the time runs out.

Spray permethrin on your shoes to avoid ticks this summer

Source link Spray permethrin on your shoes to avoid ticks this summer

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