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Solo tabletop RPG is really fun

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Tabletop RPGs are a great way to interact, play and imagine with friends, but it’s hard to find time to play regularly. Whether the D & D group that started in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t meet often, or just looking for a new way to get a dice-rolling fix, I have a possible solution. It’s a solo TTRPG.

Now I can imagine that some TTRPG players may be skeptical of that idea. Sitting around a table with friends (or calling Discord), embodying fantasy characters and collaborating on your own story is the best part of a tabletop RPG.

And while it’s true that playing alone loses a social element, as I’ve discovered in the last few weeks, solo RPGs are just as fun and imaginative as any other TTRPG. This is a completely different experience. It combines the feel of rolling dice with the imaginative approach of a group-based tabletop game to the pickup-and-play nature of a single-player video game.

Solo TTRPGs are also a great way for new (or introverted) players to step into table games without spending hours setting up everything together in a group. Also, many of these games can be completed in just a few hours, so the investment time is minimal (compared to group campaigns that last for weeks or months). When You can play at your own pace.

The most important part is finding the right game.

What kind of solo RPG game do you have?

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Like a multiplayer tabletop RPG, solo games perform a variety of settings and playstyles. Dungeon-Crawl scenarios are common.Because the focus on combat and exploration is a singlePlayer game.Here are some great examples I’ve tried recently You died by itchio creator bittripbrit Solo rule with Runecairn: WardensagaBoth are inspired by video games such as: Dark soul When Elden Ring.. These are also great options for those who are familiar with the video game aspect of the game and want to see what the desktop format offers.

However, there are many other gameplay styles. “Journaling” games are a popular genre. Journaling RPGs emphasize the imagination and “role-playing” aspects of tabletop RPGs, not just combat rolls and statistical checks. Use dice rolls, coin toss, and other popular desktop tools to create randomized creative text prompts, such as solving problems, responding to situations, and embodying scenarios through building the world. To do.

The image of the article titled Solo Tabletop RPG is really funImage of the article titled

There are many journaling RPGs that tell fantasy and sci-fi stories, but there are many other creative settings as well. like that Hedgehog sweaterPlay as a hedgehog, knitting and selling sweaters, or write about strange customers you meet every day.

If you want to play with a ruleset you’re already familiar with, there’s also a solo hack for your existing TTRPG system.Some great online resources include: PNP Arcade, Itch.io desktop sectionWhen DriveThruRPG..

Get the most out of your solo TTRPG game

One of the advantages of solo TTRPG games over playing in groups is setup time.In general, all you need to play most solo games is a pencil, paper, and a few dice (there’s a free dice app here). iOS When Android (As needed), and game rules-physically buy or print yourself, mobile phones, computers, Or other device. Occasionally, you may need other materials such as regular playing card decks or flipping coins, but they are very easy to obtain.

However, there are some optional elements that we recommend including to make your single-player session as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

  • Use graph paper, minis, and other resources to visualize dungeons and other environments during play (if possible). There are many resources online that are cheap or free to use. 2 minutes countertop..
  • Add background music to your game to set the mood, just as you would in a multiplayer session. YouTube has a lot of mixes, including great mixes Dungeon synth mix It has an excellent dungeon crawling atmosphere.
  • Share journal RPGs you write online on blogs and social media. Some games also have Discord servers, forums, and social media pages where players can exchange stories. Also, consider a journal of games that you don’t normally use. It can be a rewarding way to record your singles-Player adventure (and track what you did).

Again, these are optional, but they’re a great way to enhance your solo TTRPG session and make you feel like you’re sitting at a table where you just roll your dice.

Solo tabletop RPG is really fun

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