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Sliding glass doors need to be made safer

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Sliding glass doors are notorious for easy access for thieves. These door latches are often small and not particularly sturdy, so they can be a real security problem. However, there are some easy and effective ways to make sliding glass doors safer and less intrusive.

use track lock

One way to keep the door panel from opening on a sliding glass door is to block the track from sliding the door open.there are many sliding door track lock Attached to the door rail and bolted to prevent the door from opening. These can be placed anywhere along the track and are useful if you want the door to be slightly ajar for air circulation. The disadvantage of this type of lock is that it must be adjusted at floor level or at the top of the door frame, which can make locking and unlocking the door more cumbersome.

use the door bar

Another way to keep the sliding part of the door from opening is to door bar Attaches to door frame and edge of sliding door to keep sliding door closed. This method will prevent the door from opening at all once it is in place. Most door bar kits come with all the hardware you need to install and you can do it yourself in minutes with a screwdriver. Of course, the downside to this method is that you have a large bar that must be removed and replaced each time you lock or unlock the door.

use security film

To prevent thieves from simply breaking glass to gain entry, consider the following: security filmSecurity film is an adhesive film that is attached to the door glass to prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an impact. (It also adds a layer of safety to the door. accidental In addition to clear security films, there are variations such as heat shielding, mirror surface, and coloring, and they can play a dual role. The downside of security films is that even though they are highly transparent, they can slightly distort your vision.

get a better lock

Improving the quality of your sliding door lock is always an option and most locks can be installed in minutes with a drill and screwdriver.a loop lock is a good choice because it is stronger than the latch that comes with most doors from the factory and works so easily that it is not inconvenient to use. A loop lock screws into the door frame on one side and into the edge of the door on the other, with bolts that latch on each side to keep the door from moving.

use the alarm

You can add an alarm to your sliding door to notify you of any activity.some alarms are simple noise generator Warn you or your neighbors of intruders, but others Powered by smart technology Communicate with mobile phones and other devices.you can also get glass alarm Warns you if the glass is impacted.

Sliding glass doors need to be made safer

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