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Simplicity Announces Real Estate Transportation Solution in Ontario

Today, Canadian technology company Simplicity Global Solutions announced that its real estate transportation solution, Prolegis Real Estate, is available in Ontario.

Source: Simplicity Global Solutions

Prolegis is a cloud-based real estate transportation solution created for real estate lawyers. It integrates with the real estate business and provides tools and information to help each user improve performance, customer engagement, and work-life balance.

Prolegis is designed to save users time with all the features needed to communicate real estate transactions and key third-party integrations. This solution gives users the flexibility to configure and organize their work, communicate with clients, and manage real estate transactions end-to-end from a single solution at any time. It provides a library of document and workflow management tools, a community database, a stakeholder portal, and real-time support.

“Simpleness is very pleased to offer Ontario real estate attorneys and real estate attorneys new options for legal software providers. Neil N. Babiy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Simplicity Global Solutions Ltd, said: Simplicity envisions a future where innovative technology is at the forefront of improving the customer experience of the real estate ecosystem. We are easy to use, easy to implement, acquire and operate. Is committed to facilitating the use and adoption of technology within the real estate sector by providing an economical solution. “

Ontario real estate lawyers and real estate lawyers can book a demo and learn more about the tool here.

Simplicity Announces Real Estate Transportation Solution in Ontario

Source link Simplicity Announces Real Estate Transportation Solution in Ontario

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