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Should you let your child play with a toy gun?

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Many parents don’t like guns — real guns Also toy..So we may know that Playing with a pretend gun is developmentally normalOur instinct Whenever our kids start making guns with Lego bricks or shoot each other with sticks, shut it down.But guns are part of our reality Normal part with Children’s play, that means it’s important Talk to them regularly about real guns, toy guns, and how to set boundaries Playing.

Talk to kids and other parents about real guns

You might think you can guess which of your friends and neighbors has a gun in their house, I can’t be sure if I don’t ask. Conversations with other parents are certainly annoying, but We have a complete guide to help you get started.. That is especially important. Amy Morin is writing for the Very Well family“Studies have shown that even if a child is told not to touch a gun, they are more likely to touch a firearm if they have the opportunity. And the results can be fatal. there is.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother talking to your child about guns. That means you need to have (And build) Those conversations over time as they grow older.If you are an elementary school student, you Start by showing them pictures of real guns and toy people so they can start visualizing the differences. Still, it can be difficult to tell the difference, so no matter what kind of gun they come across, they are 1) Don’t touch 2) Find an adult who immediately seeks help.

As the children get older, they You may have a friend who is familiar with the reality of gun violence and wants to show off that he thinks he can handle his family’s guns “safely”. In such situations, Morin advises:

Confronting friends is a delicate theme, so brainstorm how Tween can get out of the situation without making a fuss.

“This is boring. Let’s do something else.” If you have a friend who will show your child a gun, “Maybe later. Let’s do something outside.”

Your child does not need to preach or lecture to friends about gun safety. They just have to withdraw from the situation.

The The unfortunate reality for American parents is that they also have to talk to their children about shooting at school.Here is a guide for that.. And of course, if you own a gun, you should always keep it safely locked, even if you always emphasize not to touch your child.

How to set boundaries Fake gun

Some parents mCheck out the playguns and water guns they allow on the exterior of the house Obviously fake by choosing a large neon color or foam variety. However, some parents don’t even want the most prominent toy guns at home, so it’s important to remember that when buying gifts for other children. Always ask for permission first.

“During the summer, children are often given toy water guns,” he says. Chris Drew, Early childhood education specialist. “I generally don’t recommend giving children toy guns (or taking them out on play days) unless the parents of all the children are okay with it.”

All parents and children that is However, their presence can be used as a moment of education about consent for games with all sorts of contacts. When children are playing and break Nerf darts or water guns, make sure everyone who is playing agrees to be “shot”. You can also agree to basic rules such as “No face shot” or “If someone says you haven’t played, you can’t play”. So far Be shot. “

Another good basic rule: If your child is playing in a public place such as a park and a bystander passes by, do not “shoot” the child, even if you point the stick and say “bang”. They aren’t playing either. Instead of “I’m going to kill you!”, You can also put some restrictions on the language. Creative workarounds such as “I will beat you!” Can be encouraged. Or a bland “Gotcha!” Drew also proposes to refram the play.Probably you can “”[marvel] In the way gravity acts on water and the sensation of water acts on the skin, Instead of using toy guns in a way to normalize conflicts and battles. “

If you are worried Talk to your pediatrician as your little child is crazy about guns and violence. They may recommend an assessment by a mental health expert, Also Move to another resource.Another great resource is the Boys Alive! Organization, Helps parents navigate tricky parenting situations — it a Great blog series With children gun..

Should you let your child play with a toy gun?

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