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Should I use shower gel, body wash, or bar soap?

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When it comes to bathing in the United States, soap sticks occupy the highest positions in parts of the 19th century and most of the 20th century.However By the late 1980sTraditional bar soaps have begun to compete fiercely with alternative liquids called “shower gels” and “body wash”.

Thanks to clever marketing including push The idea that solid soap is gross— Body wash and shower gel are finally Now surpasses solid soap.. There is room for a resurgence of bar soaps as we are now shifting towards using personal care products that are low in chemicals and low in waste. But, aside from popularity, which cleanser is right for you? Here’s what you need to know:

Differences between solid soap, shower gel and body wash

Let’s start with the basics. But keep in mind that bar soaps, shower gels, and body wash are all large product categories, as we do, and these are general explanations for each (and therefore many). There are exceptions to).

Solid soap

Soap sticks are traditionally a hard mass of cleanser Made by mixing Oils containing liquids (usually water) and alkalis (sodium hydroxide, also known as rye) (today, most commonly coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil).

But most of the big soaps on the shelves today are actually “Cinderette bar” (“Synthetic detergent”), that is, made using a synthetic form of traditional soap ingredients. Often referred to as a “beauty bar” or “cleansing bar”.

Shower gel

Shower gel More solid, gel-like consistencyHigher concentration of added fragrance, and sometimes prescribed for use Both body and hair..

Body wash

Like shower gel, body wash is a liquid cleanser to use Mild surfactant to cleanse the skin.. However, generally speaking, products labeled as “body wash” tend to be thinner and creamier than shower gels.

How to choose the best cleanser for your skin

At this point, there is so much soap bar, shower gel, and body wash that you can look closely (that is, read the label) to find the features you need in the format you like. But, again, generally speaking, here are some things to consider when choosing soap for the shower (or bath):

Dry skin

If you have dry skin and prefer a liquid cleanser, you Better with body wash, Because it has more moisturizing and moisturizing than shower gel. For those who like solid soap, there are also many cosmetology bars that contain large amounts of moisturizer.

Oily skin

Conversely, people with naturally oily skin (people who do not need extra hydration) and / or people who live in hot or humid places, You might opt ​​for a shower gel or a bar of more traditional soap.Shower gels also work if you just want to clean or if you like it “Squeaky clean” Feeling.

Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin already know that certain soaps and cleansers can cause very unpleasant reactions and understand the importance of reading labels to evaluate the ingredients of the product. .. One factor to consider is pH. Body wash is usually Lower pH level It is more suitable for dry and sensitive skin than traditional bar soap.

The other two main ingredients Pay attention Fragrances and preservatives.. Body wash and shower gels tend to have more than a bar cleanser, but this also depends on the individual product.

Should I use shower gel, body wash, or bar soap?

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