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Should I try couple therapy while dating?

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You’ve been dating pretty nice people for months, There is only one problem— When you’re not close to each other, push Buttons on each other, as a result With some big flare ups.this People have many Great qualities And you can see the future with them, So you don’t want to break up —But in these cases, the relationship will not be acceptable in the long run Conflict continue.When doing so Is it premature to suggest couple therapy?

“I’m sure it’s never too early for couple therapy.” Dr. Carla Marie ManlyClinical Psychologist and Author, Smart Dating: Change Your Relationship And Love Without Fear, Tell Lifehacker. “Even a successful couple can benefit from dedicated time with a psychotherapist who can help their partners evolve more fully as individuals and as a team. Similarly, they are aware of the problem. It is important for couples who are starting to seek immediate treatment. Avoiding problems or pretending to be problem-free is by no means a wise strategy. Problems are only 10 and over time. It gets worse. “

Going to couple therapy may seem like a sign that you’re not going to be together, but it’s also an opportunity to improve your relationship skills and deepen your bonds, especially if you’ve started dating recently. Here are other reasons why it’s never too early to start couple therapy.

You can learn to create healthy patterns

Couple therapy is not an opportunity to learn more about your partner —It’s also about learning more about yourself Grow as an individual.The insights you get from treatment It benefits you whether you are with your current partner or not.

“Many people think that going to couple therapy during the dating stage is a waste of time, but the treatment process helps partners develop healthy habits that last even if the relationship doesn’t go on. increase.“Manly says. “And when a relationship shifts to a long-term commitment, partners will build a strong foundation for trust, sound communication, and intimate relationships.”

Improve communication skills

If you’re not good at communicating your needs and want to be gentle and respectful without inducing your partner, say you’re not alone Hannagai,license Clinical social worker.. “Most people are not good at communicating with each other. Each one brings their own experience and trauma, This affects how you interact with others. “

For example, if you’ve been fooled in the past, it’s normal for you to do it Triggered The new partner will not reply to the text immediately.In this case, Guy says, “Because you lay the foundation early, couple therapy may help early rather than later.Improve communication.

You learn about your shared (and divergent) goals

Attendance, according to Manly Couple therapy at the dating stage can be very helpful in helping you see where your partners are aligned and where they are not. “For example, if a partner’s highest values ​​are work, external success, and money, this can be very obvious: A big red flag for partners who value love and connection above all else, “she says.

Parent-child relationships and other future goals are always highlighted in therapy. This will give you useful information to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your relationship.

“Let’s just say that both you and your partner want a child, but in couple therapy you talk more about how you want to be. Increase Your children, “says Guy. “Through this, you may learn that the way you want to raise your child is completely different from your partner.”s, this can be a success or a failure. “

You will face each other’s weaknesses

Manly also says when a partner has an invisible problem. Or don’t I want to see.

“FInance is one of the biggest challenges for couples. The money issue is one of the top three reasons to fight, and this issue often leads to divorce, “she says. “Unfortunately, rather than looking for a cure to build partnerships in this area, one or both partners often become dishonest in the financial arena to avoid conflict. Avoiding only tends to create unhealthy patterns and resentments in the long run. “

Sex is also another major cause of anxiety and conflict in relationships. To tell, And looking for a cure, rather than ignoring, upset, or becoming unfaithful, helps partners uncover the underlying problem. “Skilled couple therapists can help partners find the key balance and fairness in the harmony of relationships.”

You will understand each other at a deeper level

If this is not you The first relationship, chance is that you have suffered some wounds from past conflicts and broken hearts. Bat gCouple therapy at the dating stage “can heal the often unresolved trauma and anxieties of previous relationships,” says Manly. “If the underlying problems aren’t resolved, they will eventually suffer from relationships in the long run.”

“You may be dating someone who has [experienced] domestic violence; Going to couple therapy early may help you learn how to support them and how they can better communicate you and their needs / wants, “Guy agrees.s. “People are also looking for couples who are counseling to improve communication and solve problems they are having difficulty understanding.”

If anything, guys will adds, Couple Therapy says, “We’re going to shed light on everyone’s vulnerabilities. Having someone look at you in your weakest position can really benefit your relationship at a deeper level of connection. Produces. ”

Should I try couple therapy while dating?

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