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Shopify launches collaboration to connect creators and brands

Ecommerce platform Shopify has launched Collabs, a program to help creators find sponsorships and partnerships to increase their income.

According to Shopify’s press release, even though the market for creators has swelled to an estimated $100 billion, most creators struggle to sustain themselves on content alone. Only 4% of creators are producing content full-time. Conversely, merchants and brands can also struggle to find the right channels to promote their products.Shopify Collabs aims to address both problems.

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The steps look easy. When creators open a Shopify Collabs account, they can browse the merchants in the program, find the best brands for their content, and apply to collaborate. If approved, you will receive a commission for that brand’s products purchased through your link.

Creators can easily apply for partnerships with relevant brands through the Collabs app. Source: Shopify

Collabs Portal also provides analytics to track partnership performance.

In addition to collaboration, Shopify offers a low-cost, no-code ecommerce store for creators and integrates directly with the biggest social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Shopify Collabs is now available to all merchants in the US and Canada. Creators in the US and Canada can apply for Early Access now.

Shopify launches collaboration to connect creators and brands

Source link Shopify launches collaboration to connect creators and brands

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