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Set this hidden iPhone timer to shut off your music after you fall asleep

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Rarely sleep without something Play on my iPhone, usually YouTube video. The problem is, I need to make sure the video is long enough to fall asleep, So For a long time it awakens me. In addition, you need to make sure that autoplay is disabled. If not disabled, YouTube will run my recommended catalog all night.At least i Had Worry about it until I know about my iPhone Hidden sleep timer..

If you are like me, this problem will probably bother you too. You may fall asleep with YouTube videos, or you may need to use an app like Apple Music to listen to your favorite soothing songs. Many of these apps don’t have a sleep timer. In other words, you may be accustomed to waking up after a while and turning off the song. Podcast fans have all the luck because sleep timers are pretty standard in these apps. Spotify is also well-featured to provide a timer that automatically shuts down music. The rest, however, are not so good.

Neither Apple Music nor YouTube have a built-in sleep timer on the iPhone, but iOS has such a timer. Apple doesn’t advertise it, but it works. Interestingly 9to5Google has discovered a sleep timer in the latest beta For Apple Music on Android. This indicates that iOS 16 shows a sleep timer, or Apple believes that only Android listeners need a sleep timer in Apple Music.

For now, you need to use the iPhone’s hidden sleep timer. Fortunately, this applies to all audio sources on your device.Whether your app has a built-in sleep timer Now, the iOS option shuts down playback when the timer expires.

To use the timer Go to the clock app and select “Timer” as usual. Select “When the timer expires”, scroll to the bottom, and tap “Stop playback”. From here, you can select the length of time, activate the timer, and rest assured that the audio playback will be interrupted when the time runs out.

In my opinion, the best part of this sleep timer is that iOS stops playing audio and returns to the lock screen at the same time. This ensures that your iPhone goes to sleep instead of staying active with apps that may have opened. This isn’t a problem for apps with background playback like Apple Music, but with the free version of YouTube, you have to stay in the app to use it, so this burned sleep-The timer function is welcome.

However, you need to be careful. iOS remembers the “sound” of the last selected timer for future timers. If you carelessly set the timer without changing “Stop Playing”, no sound will be heard even if the timer expires. If you are not playing audio on your iPhone, you may not notice that the timer has expired at all. This can ruin things with timers, such as suppers and naps.


Set this hidden iPhone timer to shut off your music after you fall asleep

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