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See: Neuralink, Mind Upload, AI Apocalypse

Eight years ago, a lesser-known researcher named Stephen Hawking predicted whether artificial intelligence would be humanity’s only greatest invention or the beginning of an apocalypse.

The problem remains. How can humans control AI to beat us in intelligence and virtually all other areas?

It cannot be argued that there are more and more scientists and entrepreneurs, including Tesla’s techno king Elon Musk. At least not as it is now.

Welcome to Kevin’s Science Korner, a video series that jumps into the strange and fantastic corners of science and technology.

Let’s start from the end of humanity.

Paperclip issue: How AI can accidentally kill all humans

The “Paper Clip Maximizer” thought experiment was first invented in 2003 by the Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom. His influential theory explains how super-intelligent AI makes the very unintelligent decision to drown the Earth in a resting state.

According to Bostrom, superintelligence is “well above the best human brains in virtually every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom, and social skills.”

This AI is so smart that you can improve it by building better hardware than humans or by rewriting your own source code. As AI grows smarter, updates will get faster and faster, ultimately leading to an “intelligence explosion.” At this point, Bostrom wrote that humans may see humans as they see ants.

If you’re careful, this can be very good. AI has the potential to revolutionize space travel, healthcare and computing. Depending on the programming wording, it could kill all humans (in theory).

AIs programmed to create as many paper clips as possible may find that they can complete missions more efficiently without human intervention. Ultimately, “it could turn the entire globe, and part of the space, into a paper clip manufacturing facility,” Bostrom said.

Neuralink: If you can’t win the “day”, join the “day”

So we learned that it’s hard to stop AI from flooding the world with paper clips, at least in our present day. A tiny monkey brain. But what if there was a way to make us smarter?

The wealthiest people in the world have plans to do just that, which involves piercing your skull and placing electrodes in your brain. Join Neuralink, Mask’s mysterious brain-machine interface company.

For now, Neuralink aims to give you control over your computer in your head, eliminating the need to type on the keyboard or move the mouse. But Mask’s plans are much more ambitious. He ultimately aims to fuse the human brain with AI.

Over time, Neuralink claims that it will unlock the “third level” of the brain that can be linked to AI. This could improve computing power and provide new features such as the ability to store and replay memories, such as the Black Mirror episode, Musk said in 2020.

Musk has been speaking out on this topic for a long time. He says that in 2016, humans will become AI’domestic cats’. In 2020, he blamed Google’s DeepMind AI project for being too close to the sun.

On the other hand, some experts suspect that even “coexistence with artificial intelligence” is possible.

Mind Upload: Can We Live Online Forever?

Sure, the brain-machine interface is fun and everything, but we’re still trapped in these fleshy bodies. This doesn’t have to be the case, says researchers in the field of whole-brain emulation.

These researchers say that consciousness and everything else that makes us human is from the billions of neurons in your brain, the trillions of connections between them and the myriad of neurotransmitters that pass through them. Claims to occur.

Assuming they are correct and consciousness is not the result of an intangible mind, software can be used to theoretically create an accurate model of the brain and all its connections. This model is a sensory and accurate replica of the original brain.

Brain-machine interfaces like Neuralink have been seen as the first step towards a complete brain upload. However, some scientists believe that super-intelligent AI needs help to actually scan and make sense of all the gunk in their heads.

With billions of dollars spent on AI research by Silicon Valley tech giants, this future could arrive sooner than you might expect.

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See: Neuralink, Mind Upload, AI Apocalypse

Source link See: Neuralink, Mind Upload, AI Apocalypse

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