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Save the hassle of big sausages

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i love good thick A sausage, especially a sausage that has been roasted or grilled to give it a nice brown color. The Barefoot Countess seems to be a fan too. Hasselbacked Kielbasa Recipe It is designed to maximize that particular type of flavor in that particular type of sausage.

Sounds a lot more dangerous than it really is to those unfamiliar with hasselbacking, but it’s simple A process of slicing the food into a series of cuts that almost reach the bottom, but stop quickly. It’s all about adding flavor, baby, and hasselbacking, and it’s nothing more than a fine knife job, doubling down in this regard.

carbohydrates like potato When squash It’s common to cook it this way (because it helps it cook faster). I’ve seen several Hasselback his tomatoes in his day, and this little knife maneuver works wonders on big old sausages. As mentioned earlier, Ina publishes a complete and delightful recipe for roasted hasselback her kielbasa on her website, but any large smoked her sausage of similar texture will do the trick.

Just cut the sausage in 2/3 Be careful not to slice all the way through, about 1/4 inch apart in the middle. (You can use chopsticks as a safety device, like us here for those little potatoes. ) Roast the sausages at 425.°F Bake in oven for about 30 minutes, until sausage is browned and edges are crisp, brushing with glaze (such as Ina’s honey mustard) every 10 minutes. Serve with Hasselback potatoes and Hasselback Caprese salad for maximum Hasselback enjoyment.

Save the hassle of big sausages

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