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Reddit thinks your TV is too expensive

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you probably i love your living roomA place to put your feet up and relax at the end of the day. A home theater experience created by youif you are looking for Upbut you’re doing it wrong—At least according to the “experts” upon reddit.

the premise of subreddit r/tvtoohigh it’s simple: Subscribers post pictures of their TV setups, both themselves and others they know, and allow commenters to tear apart designs. There are some particularly ridiculous TV placements. Installation of this ceilingAlso This “hidden” setupit’s not even clear if the home owner wants people to know he owns a TV.

As the name suggests, the focus should be on TV height, but that doesn’t stop Redditors from voicing their opinions on other aspects of the room, such as furniture placement, lighting, and paint color. However, the most common “attack” on the subreddit is placing the TV above the fireplace. This is a fairly common practice as it allows you to easily fit flat panel displays into your space.By default that space is tall and far that too Ask these Redditors high.

The subreddit is not what you would describe as “nice”.Commenters don’t chop words here, tear up these TVs and the room they’re inThat said, they applaud setups they find acceptable. this mailbox, with a title that implies the OP isn’t 100% sure of its design. top comment? “It’s perfect. It’s so beautiful!”

So which one will pass the r/tvtoohigh test?Easy: an eye-level tvThe subreddit is a firm believer in the idea that your TV should be right in front of you while you’re sitting on your couch. It should be installed on an average height TV stand or mounted on a lower wall than many of us assume. That’s really it. Of course, I can’t comment on your overall aesthetic, but please post a picture of your TV at eye level on your couch. Not many people criticize your placement.

Another aspect of the coin here is distance From the TV to the sofa and the size of the TV you buy to supplement. This metric is a bit more controversial than the agreed eye on r/tvtoohigh-level standard certified by this thread on the subjectThe shared image has several recommended TV sizes based on the distance from the TV to the sofa, such as a 42″ TV for 6 feet from the sofa and an 80″ screen for 12.5 to 14″ distance. layout.

But detractors point out that these metrics don’t make much sense. Especially since 4K TVs have become the most common TV for him these days. It used to be that you could see the pixels of your 720p or 1080p display, so getting too close to the big screen could be distracting. The resolution of the TV is so high that it doesn’t lose much when approaching a large TV. More importantly, how the TV fits into your space to your liking. And of course it’s at eye level.

It’s easy to see this subreddit as a group of mean people trying to prey on other people’s homes. Sometimes that’s it. However, it tends to change the way you look at your TV placement. I’ve thought about mounting a TV before, but always assumed it would be mounted relatively high on the wall. My instinct was to recreate the “theater experience” and it seemed like I had to look up at the TV.

But we find the eye-level placement more comfortable, both when watching TV and in the design of the room as a whole. Usual advice for hanging pictures on the wall (again, at eye level). The subreddit may seem cruel, but it is somewhat supportive. After trashing photos, commenters rearrange TVs, furniture, or speakers to create spaces that match their aesthetic We provide suggestions for

But again, it’s their aesthetic. Not everyone benefits from r/tvtoohigh endorsed TV setups and room designs.Some of us have children and pets that keep TV and other technology away from curious people. Your feet are more important than making sure the screen is at eye level. Some people like the way the room is set up.If it works for you, it works for you (ask subreddit for input).

Reddit thinks your TV is too expensive

Source link Reddit thinks your TV is too expensive

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