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Reddit is on the brink of entering the stock market following its initial public offering (IPO) pricing its shares at $34 each, driven by robust demand. This move sets the stage for Reddit’s highly anticipated debut in the stock market

Reddit is poised to embark on a new chapter as it transitions into a publicly traded company, marking a significant milestone for the social media platform. With an initial public offering (IPO) pricing its shares at $34 each, Reddit attains a market value of US$6.4 billion, hitting the top end of the target range established by its investment bankers. This pricing sets the stage for Reddit’s shares to commence trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “RDDT,” with its debut anticipated to ignite discussions across various social media platforms.

However, within the tech industry landscape, Reddit remains notably modest despite its establishment in 2005. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, which commenced operations just 18 months prior to Reddit’s inception, boasts a staggering market value exceeding $1.2 trillion. Additionally, Meta generates substantial annual revenue of $135 billion, a stark contrast to Reddit’s revenue, which remains below $1 billion.

Reddit grapples with the challenge of translating its widespread reach into profitability, as evidenced by cumulative losses amounting to $717 million. This figure has surged from $467 million in December 2021, signaling Reddit’s struggle to achieve profitability despite its longstanding presence in the digital sphere. In its IPO filings, Reddit attributes these losses to recent efforts aimed at diversifying revenue streams.

Nevertheless, Reddit emerges from its IPO with a bolstered financial position, poised to fuel its expansion endeavors and revenue-generating initiatives. The IPO has generated approximately $519 million for the San Francisco-based company, albeit a portion of these funds will be allocated towards commissions and associated expenses. Moreover, with a 30-day window for bankers to sell an additional 3.3 million shares, Reddit stands to raise an extra $112 million before factoring in commissions and fees.

Notably, Reddit has reserved up to 1.76 million shares from the total offering for users of its platform, adhering to customary IPO practices. The bulk of the remaining shares have been acquired by mutual funds and institutional investors, underscoring market confidence in Reddit’s potential viability within the financial landscape. As Reddit embarks on its journey as a publicly traded entity, it faces the dual challenge of transforming its vast user base into sustainable profitability while navigating the dynamic terrain of the financial markets.

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