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Reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 2022

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when Windows 11 Launched last year, it was a radical update. With a new central taskbar and updated his UI elements, it literally changed the look of decades-old operating systems.However it wasn’t finished: No dark mode, frustrating taskbar, new[スタート]the menu many to be desired. The first major Windows 11 update (2022) is here to fix some of these shortcomings.

This is an update with lots of fixes (both functional and UI elements) and some great new features. If you’re already running Windows 11, this is easily recommended.go to Settings > Windows Update Start the process. Check out all the new stuff while you wait.

Snap layout leaves everything else behind

Windows has always been great at window management, and Windows 11’s new snap layout feature was a nice update. Hovering over the maximize button reveals an array of different window combinations that let you split your screen instantly.

now The Snap Layout feature is easier than ever to use. Drag any window to the top of the screen to see these presets. Drag it into the window pairing and release and it will snap into place. Additionally, there are keyboard shortcuts for snapping windows to different positions.

the folder is[スタート]displayed in the menu

The new Start Menu is starting to head in the right direction, allowing you to create folders and pin them at will. Drag apps on top of each other to create folders and store them anywhere you like. The area for pinned apps is also larger.

Drag and drop to taskbar (eventually)

One of the biggest criticisms of Windows 11 was its taskbar design. It can’t be moved anywhere on the screen, but it still retains some of the old taskbar functionality. apps and windows (like in Windows 10). The time and date are also displayed on multiple monitors, so hooray.

New touch screen gestures make your 2-in-1 even more useful

2-in-1 Windows laptop owners will really love this update. You can now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the taskbar and running apps. Swiping up from the bottom right corner now reveals quick settings.

I have a new game update

The new update also includes quality-of-life improvements for gamers, including a new Xbox Controller bar across the top that makes it easier to navigate between games using your controller. Microsoft has also added support for Auto HDR and variable refresh rates for windowed games. Previously, these features were only available in full screen view. Latency has also been improved for older games running in DirectX 10 and 11 windowed mode.

New security features with Smart App Control

all apps Apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store are scrutinized by Windows 11. But what about apps downloaded from random websites? The new Smart App Control feature uses a new AI model to prevent malware from being installed on your PC. Business owners and admins can choose to turn it on, off, or just evaluation mode.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is a big privacy player here as well.This feature warns you when you enter your credentials on known malicious websites, so you don’t accidentally share your personal information with scammers.

Task Manager finally comes to Windows 11

Task manager was the common eyeThe problem occurs on Windows 11 as it still uses the old Windows 10 style. Microsoft has finally updated with Windows 11’s Fluent design, making it easier to use with other native apps like File Explorer. Even better, there’s also the new Dark Mode.

System-wide live captions

Live captions for Windows 11 It was already pretty good.Previously limited to media, now works Across the OS.press Windows + Control + L Live captions are enabled for audio that is playing. There’s also a microphone option, which converts what you say in the room into live text on your screen. This means nothing is sent to Microsoft’s servers.

and more features

With the 2022 update, Microsoft continues to push for the addition of new first-party apps. This time, we’re adding a new Sound Recorder app, his ClipChamp for easy video editing, and a new Family Safety app.

There are some notable minor changes in File Explorer. The Home section has been renamed to Quick Access, but The group on the right panel (also called Quick Access) where you can pin files and folders is still there. Restored folder previews that show small thumbnails on folder icons. can now be used to open the original long context menu. control + right click shortcut.

This new update also makes your PC greener. Windows attempts to reduce your carbon footprint by scheduling updates when the energy grid uses low-carbon energy sources.

Finally, there are some new features. that is This includes adding tabs to File Explorer, overhauling the Photos app, suggested actions on copy, taskbar overflow menus, and the ability to share with more devices.

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Reasons to upgrade to Windows 11 2022

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