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Reasons to participate in “No Momei”

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To withuu Traditional lawns Lawns are now usually the time to regain shape after cold winters and rainy springs. But what if you could just sit down and enjoy the next month without cutting during May?

If this sounds attractive, you need to know about “No Mow May”. Not only is this convenient, but it is also useful for local pollen maters such as bees and other insects. Here’s what you need to know:

What is “No Momei”?

No Mow May sounds exactly like that. Choose not to mow the lawn during May. The concept is similar to “No Shave November” (also known as “Movember”), where people stopped shaving their upper lips and instead had mustaches. In this scenario, the lawn in the front yard is the mustache of the house.

No Mow May was started by a UK-based conservation organization. Plant life, And spread throughout North America. In the United States B City USA Lead the movement.

Reasons to join No Mow May

The purpose of No Mow May is to give local pollen maters the opportunity to work, including bees, bees and other insects. A perfectly maintained, even-looking green lawn is an American standard, but its practices are not only time consuming and costly, but also harmful to the environment and local ecosystems.

Method is as follows B City USA Explain it:

Traditional single-grown lawns lack flower resources and bee nesting sites and are often treated with large amounts of pesticides that are harmful to bees and other invertebrates. When thinking about habitat loss, one tends to imagine bulldozers and rutting soil, but well-maintained lawn acres are as habitat loss as any other development site.

Lawn tIn the United States, it occupies about 40 million acres, or 2% of the land. Single largest irrigated crop cultivated..

How to join NoMowMay

There is nothing official required to participate in No Mow May. Because it’s about what you are. no I’m doing (that is, cutting). But if you want to put a sign in your yard to spread awareness of No Mow May (or to answer your favorite neighbor’s question about your lawn) B City USA There are signs that you can download, print and post for free.

Reasons to participate in “No Momei”

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