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Reasons to freeze Pop-Tarts

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Summer heats Overwhelming, in hot weather Cold food.. GStir the ice cream, do you say? Ice lolly? It’s quaint.Meinstead of, Reach out unexpectedly. Freezing liquid always has an icy place in my freezer and a warm place in my cold heart, but it’s time to accept a new frozen dessert: Pop tarts..

Until a few days ago, I hadn’t eaten pop-tarts for years, but there’s something about them Recently called me to them. Probably a sale.I was a little surprised to see the offer suggestions listed.. When I was a kid It was toast or bust. (MeIf you are a ready-to-use person, I will never understand you.) But tHe is also a box told me frozen Optional information that I received incredibly and hopefully.

Untoasted-or I call them “raw”-Pop-Tarts are my favorite.I hate Crust paste-like texture, and O prefer Warm and sticky stuffing..My fear was that freezing them would make them cold When What if it’s pasty, or worse, frozen? Filling is now Is it hard to eat? To better understand which fillings are more successful, we have determined that this test needs to be run in two flavors.I chose Strawberries for team fruits and s’more for team chocolates.

After a few hours in the freezerIt was a nice surprise to try the taste test... Surprisingly, the crust was not pasty. It was crispy and could only be called cold toast.It didn’t have the brown taste you get from Maillard reaction (It takes heat to do that), but it snapped in the same way.Strawberry and s’more stuffing It was solid, but it rarely cracked my teeth.; They had Consistency of chewy fudge.Stuffing keeps frozen Temporary employee Grow tart more than hull It will be refreshing and cool when you move T towards the centerHe is also cold A little tame the sweetness of the closing..

Frozen pop-tart is best eaten right away, so you can enjoy a variety of textures and temperature sensations. The crust will thaw after about 5 minutes and begin to return to the pasty stage. The center stays cool for just a few minutes. Fortunately, it takes me about 45 seconds to eat Pop-Tarts.

Ice cream is obviously cold, but I can see that I choose pop-tarts over bowls of ice cream on a semi-regular basis. As a bonus, even if you like the hot or room temperature version, Pop-Tarts’ open packages won’t age as fast as if you stored them in the freezer.

Reasons to freeze Pop-Tarts

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