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Reasons for updating “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Violet” on the first day

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pokemon scarlet When Pocket Monster SumireDeveloper Game Freak’s latest dual entry in the iconic series isn’t scheduled to hit retail and digital retailers until November 18th.Once you purchase the game, you should update it immediately if you want full functionality scarlet When violet experience.

This update is the first update of the game, so it will be a very simple version 1.0.1.The big news in this update is Must experience online playa major component of scarlet When violetIf you choose to skip the update (because you want to enjoy the $60 game you just bought), you’ll be able to play the main game, but you won’t be able to use online features.

According to Nintendo, many games require online play. scarlet When Violet feature. You can participate in Terra Raid Battle events, 4 players take on 1 Terrasturized PokemonVia the game’s multiplayer features, you can team up with three other players and explore Pardea together. Of course, like in previous games, you can also play against players from all over the world via Battle Stadium, but ranked battles and official online competitions are rear of pokemon on sale. Plus, if you purchase the game early through the Mystery Gift feature, you’ll receive a Pikachu as a special gift.

Some of these features are Nintendo Switch Online Plan use either. Only Online Multiplayer and Battle Stadium require a paid subscription. To access other online play features, all you have to do is connect your profile to your Nintendo account and of course keep your Switch connected to the internet. is required.

Reasons for updating “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Violet” on the first day

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