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Race canceled due to heat

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all this time sweltering summerand I went Run some small road races (like One Miler and 5K), with the ultimate goal of competing half-marathon in october and The next full marathon is November 2023. T.hese summer racing has it all smoked It’s hot over there.Still, like mmost runners i Bristles thinking about quitting.However How can you identify the point when it actually is Unbearably hot to attend a road race?

inspired by my personal experienceeven as This Reddit thread Runner talks about his breaking pointlet me help you consider the decision whether you should Show up at the starting line of a race you know harmful to your healthWhether this is your first organized race or you are a stubborn Veterans, here are some things to consider before canceling a race due to heat and humidity.

Know when it’s too hot to run

Start by checking the . Guidelines for road race organizers. For race organizers If you have not yet canceled a race set to take place in extreme conditions, you can call yourself to drop out.

Even though the race is still going on, the organizer Have told the choice to Migration At a later date, Consider this a sign that even the pros expect a tough race. If so, accept the fact that it isn’t. your A chance to set a personal record.

If you want to run, run slowly

Suppose the race is still on and you don’t want to take the option of a transfer.Consider changing your race date way to thinkThere is something to be said for treating this race like a training run with extra perks. You’ve already paid for your run, so why not bring your hydration station, cheerleaders, and medals at the end?

eChallenging, but still possible Exercise safely in the heatBut racing isn’t just any other workout. When you pay to run, you want to run hard. In general, the guidelines for running in the heat come down to caution.On race day, bring extra water and electrolytes for hydration and find a place to cool off in the shade. Watch your hydration and reduce the overall intensity of your running. (So you have to manage your expectations beforehand It’s an important part of deciding whether to run or not. )

How to manage expectations

Whether you intend it or not, it’s hard to resist the urge to speed around other runners. keep your pace slowIf you are susceptible to competition spirit In the heat of the moment (no pun intended), Here are some mental tips to control the intensity level.

When it comes to managing your expectations, All runners are different.It sounds obvious, but your ability to run in the heat depends on how comfortable you are with the heat. youMost Texans can endure a hotter-than-average race Minnesota. Check out the guidelines from American College of Sports Medicinebut the important point is that the less accustomed you are to the heat, the more slowly you should proceed. When Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and heat stroke.

be honest with yourself

Perhaps the greatest spiritual battle is giving yourself permission DNF (abbreviation for “did not finish”). Before you hit the starting line, make the decision that you can drop out at any time.I don’t feel comfortable pushing through the extreme heat At the moment, though, you may be sabotaging yourself heat stroke and heat stroke.

For most of us, running in the heat means slowing down. Be honest with yourself. you know you If you can’t resist the urge to run hard, maybe you shouldn’t risk running.

Race canceled due to heat

Source link Race canceled due to heat

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