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Quebec Privacy Bill 64: Is Your Business Ready?

Certain provisions of the Act Modernizing Legislative Provisions for the Protection of Personal Information (previously known as Bill 64) will come into force on September 22, just over a month away.ndThis affects all companies doing business in Quebec. Is your organization ready to comply?

The law, enacted on September 22, 2021, brings significant changes to Quebec’s privacy law. Its goal is to give citizens better control over their personal information and to modernize the legal framework to adapt it to today’s technological realities.

Several new elements will be added to the current provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector. The law already requires that everyone doing business in Quebec take the necessary steps to comply with their obligations in this regard.

Among these existing measures:

  • We will treat requests for access to personal information in good faith, justify denials, and notify requesters of appeals available through the Quebec Information Commission.
  • Before collecting personal information, we inform the parties concerned of the purpose of collection, use of the information collected and who has access to it, and take security measures to ensure the protection of personal information. information.
  • Please ensure that anyone to whom you transmit or entrust personal information out of state maintains the same level of protection as you are required to maintain.

The new law’s multiple new provisions will apply over a three-year period from September 22nd to 2024 each year, giving eligible organizations ample time to prepare. The Quebec Information Commission (CAI) is responsible for enforcing the law.

New regulations for 2022

Here’s an overview of the new provisions coming into effect next month:

  • Designate a person responsible for privacy (the CEO is responsible by default) or delegate that function to another person in writing and make that person’s contact information public.
  • Establish a committee on information access and personal information protection.
  • Report confidentiality incidents involving personal information that poses a risk of material harm to CAI and maintain a record of confidentiality incidents that must be communicated to CAI upon request.
  • Please notify CAI before using any biometric technology to verify or confirm your personal identity.
  • Disclose verification or confirmation of identity through biometric technology.

Effective September 22, 2022, it also sets out a new framework for the transfer of personal information without the individual’s consent in connection with research, research, the production of statistics, or commercial transactions. As CAI’s powers, responsibilities and roles change. These changes include the addition of a new Vice President and new authority to publish guidelines.

Quebec Privacy Bill 64: Is Your Business Ready?

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