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Put these things in the cooler box for your baby’s first beach trip

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You may already have bought a lovely sun hat and sunscreen bottle for your baby, but others you need to do to ensure your baby’s first beach trip is successful There are some considerations for. (To be clear, you still need a lovely hat and sunscreen.)

Put your sunscreen in your beach cooler

In addition to the drinks you normally hide in your cooler, you will need to pack more in that ice box. First, attach the sunscreen to the cooler box. Children need a lot of sunscreen What is Famous for being difficult to apply to No matter how much, cold sunscreen feels good on hot days. (Around Small beansThis also tempts older children to dry long enough Re--application. This is a must for all age groups. )

It’s also great to add to the cooler box: Freezer pop, Yogurt, and a spray bottle of water to help keep them cool. Remember to reapply that cold sunscreen after wetting them.

Set a phone timer for when to reapply sunscreen

surely Reapply sunscreen to your child every 2 hours On top of that, whenever you sweat or get wet.You should also have your child in the heat, or when they are playing Drink a small amount of water every 20 minutes Or so. Setting a phone reminder timer can help prevent sunburn and dehydration.

Pack everything in the laundry basket

You may already know it Mesh laundry bag makes a great beach toteHowever, when dealing with babies and toddlers on the beach, you can also put the cooler box in the laundry basket On the way to the beach. Your baby can play in the basket or take a nap (but you need to make sure it’s in the shade and not trapped in a small prison in direct sunlight). Apply sunscreen. Works the same as a mesh tote. When you leave, the sand just falls out of the hole. (To remove the sand from the baby and himself Use baby powder.. You can also get bonus points by refrigerating in the ice box. )

Parenting blog called Team Johnson I also suggest this tip. If necessary, turn the attached sheet over and secure the four corners with heavy objects to create a sand-free playground. (A cooler box and laundry basket can fill these two corners.)

Put these things in the cooler box for your baby’s first beach trip

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