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Put the chili peppers in the silly pink wine

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the first time i saw This Bon appetit article When I suggested adding sliced ​​jalapenos to the rosé, I thought I was going to get mad, but then I remembered that it was me who suggested it. put pickles in a crappy beer(And I was too tired to arouse real resentment.)

Considering there are so many spicy cocktails out there, throwing a few slices of pepper into a glass of cheap wine isn’t that extreme.A practice popularized by TikTok users, according to Bon Appétit. alyssa in the kitchen— began almost as a joke:

Allyssa Marshall (aka Allyssa in the Kitchen) says: One night in April, while sipping a rosé on a TikTok livestream for happy hour, a follower commented and dared me to add a jalapeno to my rosé. One sip and a spicy rosé was born. ”

It’s clearly not a move that should be rolled out to a delicate, nuanced dry or off-dry rosé, but adding a few slices to a glass of super-cheap, sweet pink wine didn’t hurt. did. And it wasn’t bad.

I picked up a $9 bottle of Yellow Tail Rosé and Serrano Peppers (because the grocery store was out of jalapeño peppers). I decided to slice them thinly and then he scattered 8 small pepper rings in an old jam jar. I poured some wine over it and let everyone get to know each other for a minute and take a sip.

In fact, it added dimension to an otherwise dull wine. The back end was slightly spicy, but the pepper notes were more interesting to me. In any case, such tasting notes are not unheard of in the wine community. I’ve seen multiple bottles that list “pepper” or “jalapeno” on the label as notable flavors, but the flavor is clearly a little more pronounced in this context. , made it easier to swallow. This is the quality I value in inexpensive wine.

As Bon Appétit points out, it’s a “neat party trick,” especially if you play around with a few different peppers. Serve with pickles along with peppers. Look, for beer lovers.

Put the chili peppers in the silly pink wine

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