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Please clean these things yourself when you check into your hotel room

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Of course, hotels have cleaning staff, and their employees usually do their best to ensure that your stay away from home is clean and comfortable, but there are still some things you might miss. If you’re extremely germophobic or you’re staying in a less luxurious hotel, you might want to do a little cleaning yourself when you check in. But which areas really need it most?

Wipe most touched surfaces

Carry a small package of sanitizing wipes with you when you travel and use them to sanitize frequently touched surfaces when you get to your room. One Redditor said They always quickly wipe out these things:

  • tv remote control
  • night stand
  • handle
  • light switch
  • toilet handle
  • phone
  • refrigerator handle

This is an easy way to get some peace of mind. Take your time and look for items that are high-fives for you. For example, a dresser knob or a hair dryer handle can be quickly wiped.

head to the kitchen

Most hotel rooms are equipped with a coffee machine and cups, and while these cups are often disposable and individually sealed, chances are good that the pot itself can be cleaned. Run the coffee maker cleaning cycle Before using, be sure to wash out your ceramic mug, if you have one. So are wine glasses, kitchen utensils, and plates.

Consider bringing from home

We recommend bringing your own sheets and towels if possible.Consider it before you write it down right away 2019 survey of 1,008 people by QS Supply 1 in 10 already conduct Bring your own sheets to the hotel and it’s Previous-Pandemic, before we were all a little more germ conscious.

The idea is also popular on Reddit. One more tip that goes with it Bring a pair of flip flops just for walking around the room, like you would for a shower at the gym.

Please clean these things yourself when you check into your hotel room

Source link Please clean these things yourself when you check into your hotel room

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