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Ontario Elections: Felián—’For too long, the people of Ottawa have been stuck’

Citizens invited local candidates in the June 2 election and told voters what they would like to do for horseback riding if elected. Today: Orleans PC candidate Melissa Ferrian.

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Citizens invited local candidates to the Ontario elections on June 2 and told voters what they wanted to do, especially for their horse riding if elected. Some responded by our deadline, and we are pleased to share the pitch of those people.Today, Orleans’ progressive conservative candidate Melissa Ferrian:

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I moved to Ottawa a few years ago to start my career as a federal civil servant, following my passion for public policy and helping Canadians improve their lives. For four years, I’ve seen Doug Ford and Ontario PCs make tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for all Ontario citizens. Their dedication to getting things done for the people of this state inspired me to run as a PC candidate for Orleans, so I’ll help build our community in the coming years. I can.

Orléans needs strong supporters to help our community reach its full potential and ensure that our needs are a top priority. As your MPP, I’m a devoted representative of the Queen’s Park community, PC momentum to rebuild Ontario’s economy, build highways and key infrastructure, and keep family and business costs down. We will continue to strengthen it.

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For too long, the people of Ottawa have fallen into a deadlock, lost valuable time with their families, and spent billions of dollars on the state’s economy. This needs to be changed. Doug Ford and PC are building shovels on the ground faster to build major highway, transportation and other infrastructure projects to fight deadlocks, boost the economy and create jobs. .. This includes rehabilitation of the five bridges on Highway 417 from Ottawa Road 174 to Walkley Road.

Doug Ford and Ontario PC plan to keep Ontario open and give families and small businesses the certainty they deserve. This includes an unprecedented investment in our healthcare system. Assisting in the redevelopment of existing hospitals and regional trauma centers at the new site of the Otawa Hospital Civic Campus and access to programs and services as part of a plan to invest $ 40 billion in hospital infrastructure over the next decade. Enlarge. Not only will it meet your bed capacity needs. This allows residents to provide the quality care they need and deserve.

While many families live from Peishek to Peishek and the dream of owning a home has become out of reach for many, PCs in Doug Ford and Ontario are building, driving and targeting more homes. We are planning to help keep costs down by making our Ontario-focused offers cheaper. Tax relief measures. Our plan to accomplish that helped more than 100,000 new homes begin construction last year. This is the best in over 30 years. But there is still a lot to do. Therefore, there are plans to build 1.5 million new homes over the next 10 years.

Together, we accomplish it for the people of Ottawa.

Ontario Elections: Felián—’For too long, the people of Ottawa have been stuck’

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