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Ontario Elections: Bourdon —’The Powerful Franco-Ontarian Voice at Queen’s Park’

Citizens invited local candidates in the June 2 election and told voters what they would like to do for horseback riding if elected. Today: Gave Bourdon, a candidate for Orleans NDP.

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Citizens invited local candidates to the Ontario elections on June 2 and told voters what they would especially like to do for their horse riding if elected. Some responded by our deadline, and we are pleased to share the pitch of those people.Today: Orleans NDP Candidate Gabe Bourdon:

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Hello! My name is Gabe Bourdon. I am an NDP candidate running for this local election in Orleans.

I have been a labor activist for many years and have held various positions within the Canadian Public Services Alliance. During my time as a labor activist, I discovered my passion for helping people. This is also where I co-chaired and established the Youth Workers Commission in Metro Manila, where I mobilized and advocated young workers.

I love Orleans. I grew up here and my family is raised here. One of my life’s priorities has always been to be an active member of my community. I am currently the Vice President of the San Joseph Dorlean Elementary School Council and a lifetime member of the Navan Curling Club.

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Living in Orléans with my two children directly saw problems affecting my neighbors and the community. We have decided that this election is sufficient. I don’t have time to stand by anymore. Today I want to reach out to the community to improve the lives of my neighbors and tomorrow to brighten the future of my children.

The main reason I decided to run for this election is because I am very worried about the future of our healthcare system. If elected, my top priority is to actively fight the privatization of our health care. I believe that the heart of this battle is to support our healthcare professionals to support us.

Running in Orleans, I also recognize that there are many older Ontario people in my community who are struggling. It is necessary not only to completely reform the long-term care / home care system, but also to make active efforts to make the lives of the elderly more affordable. Part of the NDP’s plan that I’m particularly proud of is to postpone property taxes to seniors who own homes and put about $ 375 back into their pockets each month. Make ends meet.

Ontario Elections: Bourdon —’The Powerful Franco-Ontarian Voice at Queen’s Park’

Source link Ontario Elections: Bourdon —’The Powerful Franco-Ontarian Voice at Queen’s Park’

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