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Now, which MacBook should I buy in 2022?

Visit Apple’s website or step into the Apple Store and you’ll find MacBook Air and Pro MacBook options in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications. Determining which one is right for you is not easy, especially considering the final price tag.So I’m going to make things a little easier for you: here it is A little explanation of what the current MacBook Apple is and who it is for, and help you decide which one to buy.

This breakdown focuses on the MacBooks currently on sale on Apple’s website. There’s another equally important conversation about how to buy a refurbished MacBook. Tips for buying a laptop played in this piece.. Buying a second hand is a great way to get a rugged MacBook at a very reasonable price.

(Note: When discussing prices, it deviates from Apple’s suggested retail price. Keep in mind. You can take advantage of Apple’s education discounts at any time With the MacBook you purchased, even if you’re not a student or teacher. )

Best All-Round Machine: M2 MacBook Air ($ 1,199)

Let’s start with Apple’s current golden goose: The M2 MacBook Air is what the company wants you to buy. Includes the next-generation Apple Silicon M2 chip. This will improve CPU performance and significantly improve GPU performance. This shows a legitimate improvement over the already impressive M1.

In addition to the new chip, this MacBook Air boasts a clean design. The device’s signature wedge-shaped chassis has been removed and replaced with an ultra-thin MacBook Pro-like look. Also eye-catching: a new “midnight” color. The laptop looks good, but fingerprints are easy to pick up. There’s also a nice slightly larger 13.6-inch display with an iPhone-like “notch” cutout for 1080p cameras. For some, the best “new” feature is the resurgence of MagSafe for magnetic charging (thanks for the good).

The M2 MacBook Air seems easy until it’s time to configure it. The base model comes with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. For basic use, especially in combination with the iCloud lifestyle, that may be sufficient, but it does not necessarily guarantee the future of the device. If Chrome starts to get clogged or your family photos start to approach 256 GB, you may be out of RAM or storage and you can’t upgrade after the fact.

8GB of RAM is good for many purposes, I usually recommend 16GB To make sure your computer works well in the long run. Increasing RAM to a reliable 16GB and upgrading to a 512GB SSD (a common configuration) will increase the cost to $ 1,599. If you choose to increase your GPU from 8 cores to 10 cores, that’s an additional $ 100. Apple hasn’t messed with pricing here. Even the MacBook Air is an expensive machine these days.

Another drawback is the fanless build of Air. Some computers have a built-in fan that keeps hot air away from internal components for smooth operation. Apple has chosen to passively cool the MacBook Air. That is, the heat is released naturally. That’s not a bad thing. For most workflows, passive cooling makes things work. However, for intensive workloads, this cooling method has its limitations. After a period of intense activity, the M2 begins to heat up too much for passive cooling to keep up. The only thing left for the computer is to suppress the performance of the M2 so that it can stay within a safe temperature range.

However, this is also under a persistent and intensive workload. The M2 works fine with light loads. Also, even if macOS slows down performance, it will stop when the chip has cooled sufficiently, allowing you to increase peak power again.

That said, let’s say you have to press M2 and worry that a lack of fans will prevent the machine from catching up.Apple has a solution for you number Anonymous Internet Commenter recommends: M2MacBook Pro.

Main product: M2 MacBook Pro ($ 1,299)

The M2MacBook Pro is an interesting machine. Unlike the M2 MacBook Air, the Pro looks exactly like the M1 siblings. The M1 brothers themselves look like almost any MacBook Pro since 2016. From the outside, no one knows which version of the MacBook Pro you’re using, but it’s not. Inevitably disadvantageous. Still, spending a fair amount of money on a laptop that looks like most MacBook Pros over the last six years can be uncomfortable.

Oddly enough, the Pro lacks some of the features of the M2 Air. Instead of the M2’s updated 13.6-inch display, there’s a standard 13.3-inch display found on the M1 MacBook Pro (but it doesn’t have a notch). No MagSafe is confused. whyApple?

But what Apple decided to keep was the controversial touchbar. I’m fine with that — my main laptop was still the original Touch Bar MacBook Pro and didn’t want a physical function key in its place once every five years — but everyone does. I don’t feel it. Still, the company has removed the touchbar on almost every other MacBook, and we’re happy to see more users experience it.

As for the M2, it’s the same chip as on the MacBook Air, but with the default 10-core GPU, which is more powerful than the 8-core GPU on the base model Air. The big difference is that professionals have fans. The two machines compete brilliantly for normal workloads, but MacBook Pro fans improve the performance of the M2 as they begin to push the boundaries with intense activities such as high-definition video editing, animation, and gaming.

The kickers are: The M2 Pro is $ 100 more than the Air. It puts you in one of two camps. Fascinated by all the “news” that the MacBook Air brings, you can easily rest for $ 100 less than the MacBook Pro, or performance is everything in your workflow and spending an additional $ 100 on some fun new A cooling system that keeps the M2 running during peak hours at the expense of functionality.

Especially if you’re having trouble deciding whether to use M2Air or Pro No Ask for help on the internet forums. Internet Mac “experts” have collectively agreed that the M2 MacBook Pro is a terrible machine, thanks to its outdated design and price. Really, they are just angry when people don’t listen to their advice.Buy a machine that always fits your Ignore those who need the best and dislike it.

Budget option: M1 MacBook Air ($ 999)

Looking for a laptop for email, google docs, and Netflix, I skimmed through the paragraphs on performance and intense workloads and found a new baby computer.

Although Apple has removed the M1 MacBook Pro from its current lineup, it still sells the M1 MacBook Air, solidifying its position as the entry-level laptop of its choice. However, this machine feels far from basic. The M1 chip is still strong enough in 2022 and will be so for some time. Especially with the M1 Air’s basic 7-core GPU, you’ll miss the performance of the M2’s CPU and GPU, but the M1 chip is more than enough to handle most tasks, including video editing. Weak graphics on the base M1.

Since it is a MacBook Air, it has no fans, so the principle is the same as before. If you press M1 too hard, it will eventually get hot and start to slow down. However, M1 is slightly more energy efficient than M2, so these heat levels are not reached very quickly.

The M1 Air starts at $ 999 and offers the same 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage as the base M2 laptop. The best part is that you can upgrade your laptop without feeling like such a guts punch: moving to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage is $ 1,399, $ 200 cheaper than the same configuration on the M2Air and better than the same configuration. $ 300 cheaper with M2 Pro.

Big Boy: M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro ($ 1,999)

Historically, I’ve been to most people Avoid 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros— They are not because they are bad machines that too good. Uses some of the best performing Apple silicon chips on laptops. Large mini LED display. MagSafe charger; SD card slot. When HDMI ports, these devices are a dream.They too start At $ 1,999 ($ ​​2,499 for a 16-inch), it’s a very expensive laptop for most customers.

EThe M2 chip is newer than the M1 Pro and M1 Max, but the latter is still a good SoC. In short, tThese chips Have Either 8-core or 10-core CPU, 14 range GPU Up to 32 cores, even among the marketable differences. On the other hand, M2 is the best with 10 core CPU and 10 core GPU. The processing power is comparable, but graphically, the M1 Pro and M1 Max still outperform the M2 at all layers. Unless you need to take advantage of that performance, or if you have extra cash, these MacBooks are great, but usually not worth the price increase.

butThis situation is a bit complicated by Apple’s current pricing for M2 devices. If you’re looking at the M2 MacBook Air and plan to specify up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, you can buy it for $ 1,599. If you need the same configuration for a 10-core GPU, or M2 MacBook Pro, it’s $ 1,699.Apple We are currently selling a 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro in a refurbished store. It’s $ 1,799 and only $ 100 left. That $ 100 offers all the additional features I mentioned above. This is a surprisingly good value for a single Benjamin.

Of course, if $ 1,699 is your budget cap, it doesn’t matter if your 14-inch MacBook Pro is your budget cap. near Price: No mistake with M2 Air or Pro.But your budget teeth If you are flexible and are considering these particular configurations, look for deals on the M1 Pro MacBook Pro. You may be able to find a better laptop than you ever thought, without breaking your budget.

So which MacBook should you buy?

If you’re not completely sure in any way after reading these comparisons, here’s a cheat sheet to help you target each laptop model.

  • For many peopleThe best value on a new Mac is absolutely the M1 MacBook Air. It’s the cheapest, has room for upgrades, and provides enough power for most people to perform most tasks. That is the winner.
  • If you need more power but are on budget It’s an M2 MacBook Air or an M2 MacBook Pro. If you’re looking for reliable performance for long, focused tasks, spend an additional $ 100 on your MacBook Pro fans. Otherwise you will be happy with the air.
  • If you need more RAM and storageAnd, if your budget allows, look for a certified refurbished 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro deal. The additional $ 100 will be a significant upgrade to Apple’s M2 product. If no such transaction exists, or if you’ve already reached your budget limit, then one of your M2 MacBooks is for you.

Now, which MacBook should I buy in 2022?

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