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Now is a bad time to buy an iPhone

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Now is a bad time to buy an iPhone. If you want to lock the latest Apple cell, that’s bad.t’s Bad if you want to buy an older, more economical model. industry watcher Expect Apple to announce iPhone 14 in September, and if/when If that happens, Apple’s entire pricing structure will be nearly sure to change—holding a cracked screen phone A little more if possible.

September means new Apple products (usually)

No date has been set for Apple’s next big announcement at the moment, but there are rumors that Apple will announce the iPhone 14 on Tuesday, September 15th. 14 will be released in September. 24. It’s part of the pattern: The iPhone 13 was announced at the September event. We started shipping on September 14th, 2021 and started shipping on September 15th. 24. Apple 11 was announced in September. September 13th, 2019, shipping is September 13th. 20. Same basic pattern On iPhone 8, 7, 6, and 5.

In some years Apple will break the combo: iPhone 12 announced in October It came out in 2020 and soon after (although you could probably blame it on COVID)and the iPhone X did not hit the store up November 2017, but announced in September.

How will the price of the iPhone change with the launch of the iPhone 14?

If you want a modern phone, you should definitely hold off on buying one. I don’t want to buy Apple’s top model. Just have the best phone for approx a month or so. But if you’re like me and don’t particularly care about being on the cutting edge, I’d advise you to keep your cool until Apple’s next big announcement.

When Apple officially launches the new model, the price of the old phone will drop. Over the past few years, Apple has slashed prices on older models as soon as new ones are announced, so there’s no need to wait an extra week for the iPhone 14 to begin shipping. The price of the 64GB iPhone 12 dropped from $800 to $700. Prices have been reduced by about the same amount over the past few years. one time Apple announces new models, somehow After SeptemberTech experts expect the price of the iPhone 12 mini to drop to $500.When Considering Rumors that Apple will completely ditch the iPhone mini When the iPhone 14 was announced, small screen phone.

Probably the only Apple phone that’s safe to buy right now

If you’re looking for Apple’s relatively inexpensive 5G-enabled phone, the Apple SE is still available and probably safe to buy. (at least according to MacRumors Buyer’s Guide). of The SE is currently $430, announced in Marchso there is still life left in the product cycle.

Now is a bad time to buy an iPhone

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