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No Apple Watch Ultra required

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Apple has officially unveiled its new generation of premium wearable devices. Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. Both models have plenty of new features, but here’s a little secret from the world of wearable tech. most people wnot really needed or usedif you are looking for best smartwatches to pair Get your iPhone cheaper Apple Watch SE instead.

what Apple Watch Ultra offers anyway?

Apple Watch battery life is the best feature ever, especially for hardcore usersMost people have no problem with it if they need it, but charginge for example, endurance athlete. If you participate in ultramarathons or triathlons, you need a watch that doesn’t cut off in the middle of your workout.

The Apple Watch Ultra is that product. Apple claims up to 36 hours of battery life with regular use., and 60 hours using the new “Battery Optimized” setting.Apart from its excellent battery lifeUltra Features the largest display ever for an Apple Watch and offers a unique, rugged construction to protect it from the elements. For example, if you need a smartwatch underwater, You can wear it while engaging in it recreational scuba diving at depths Up to 40 meters.

Larger batteries add weight. The Apple Watch Ultra weighs almost twice as much as the Apple Watch SE, which is worth noting For products you wear on your wrist all day.Of course, most people are willing to go with a heavier product in exchange for more battery life..

Sounds good on paper, but most of Ultra’s features are aimed at specific niches.Those who are not good at endurance sports or scuba divingyou can safely choose another (cheaper) model.

how is it apple watch series 8

Now comes the interesting part. The Series 8 starts at $399 for the GPS version and $499 for the cellular model. That’s about $100 to $150 more than the Apple Watch SE..

Series 8 allows you to take EKG measurements, blood oxygen measurement, a temperature sensor for fertility tracking, a larger always-on display, and dust resistance.This variant also supports support Fast charging, stainless steel finish option availableboth Something SE lacks.

Yes, these functions are Nice to have and may be worth the extra money for youBut if they Don’t feel essential Put extra money in your pocket and get an Apple Watch SE.

why Apple Watch SE is the best choice for most people

This year, Apple Refreshed my Apple Watch SE with an updated processor. Exactly Same dual-core S8 SiP as Series 8 and Ultra.This makes SE more nimble than ever, and it doesn’t work as quickly It will no longer be usable like Series 3. You can still get a watch that can withstand swimming, supports most fitness activities you’re likely to record, and needs to be charged once a day.

Apple Watch SE does not have an Always-On display. In other words, when the screen goes to sleep, the dial is blank.However, you can see it the moment you lift your wrist and there is no always-on display Improve your watch’s battery life.

some of the most interesting new apple watch options that include Crash detection that can alert emergency services if you are involved in a serious collision, As with the watchOS 9 feature set, all Available for Apple Watch SEso you’re not missing everything new functionStarting at $249 for GPS models and $299 for cellular models, the value is hard to beat.And with those savings, you can pick up some useful accessories (such as fancy watch bands), and/or AppleCare+ (not a bad choice for a wrist-worn device) every day).

In short, the SE is the best value Apple Watch out there right now. The Series 8 offers some intriguing features. Advantages, and Ultra is perfect for that audience.BFor most of us SE is right choice.

No Apple Watch Ultra required

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