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Never use this TikTok Travel “Hack”

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A “Travel Hack” is now Spread by word of mouth on TikTok, Surely get When boarding an airplane and / or You pass in front of the TSA security line. I don’t share the video because it’s garbage but It works this way: you pretend you are injured, even if you say you need a wheelchair. The airline does not intend to call you a liar. They will put you in a wheelchair and push you to the front line of the line so you can pre-board and use up all your carry-on space. Sometimes They also hustle you past that long line in security.. This is what is known as the movement of people who dislike it.

Pretend to need accommodation for the disabled Great for you, What you really need is the wheelchair you are sitting in, not for the people you just jumped in front of. If you take advantage of others like this, you are a bad person.

However, it seems that there are many bad people there. FHeathrow Airport CEO Jon Holland Kay states that one of the reasons Heathrow has been such a nightmare for travelers is that the damage caused by injuries has become so serious. soon.

“Passengers in need of wheelchair support were in greater demand than before the pandemic. Part of this is because people are using wheelchair support to keep track of the airport quickly. ” Holland-Kaye told the London Broadcast Company.. “That’s absolutely wrong. We need to protect it for those who need the most help,” he added.

I usually disagree with the CEO who blames consumers for company issues, but in this case, even Part of the problem is definitely in progress Shortage of workers Willing to accept The low wages they obviously give to airport assistants with disabilities. Whatever the cause, IVery bad above 20 invalid passenger Stuck at the airport gate in a daythat’s why Reportedly happened in Heathrow recently..

How to get through airport security ethically and quickly

There are ways you can speed up your trip through that horrifying TSA checkpoint on your next vacation, not including being a complete bastard.

  • Download and use the MyTSA app: This app keeps you up to date with possible delays, weather conditions and security line latency.
  • Book a flight in the morning: Early Departure It is unlikely that the waiting time for security will be long. What is You are less likely to be late.
  • Dress properly and organize your carry-on baggage. It is amateur time to show up with prohibited items in carry-on baggage or to wear shoes that are difficult to remove.
  • Please have your ID and ticket / boarding pass ready. Number of people who seem surprised to be asked for a boarding pass and ID for security It’s surprisingly expensive.
  • Sign up for TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry, or Clear Program: With TSA PreCheck, you can board without removing your shoes, belt or light jacket. Global entry allows for faster entry into U.S. For low-risk overseas travelers. With Clear, registered travelers will be able to Touchless Biometric security kiosk.All of these programs are expensive, but they can save you time..
  • Have patience: After passing TSA and waiting for the flight to board,You are in Group B, and the plane Leave Whether to board at the same time First or last.

Check out this article For other tips on getting Through security as soon as.

Never use this TikTok Travel “Hack”

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