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Never go camping without these things

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If you’re an outdoors person, nothing beats camping. Whether you’re enjoying the light luxury of an RV or full-blown vandalism in a tent,Communicating with nature can be fun, but there’s a reason humans have spent thousands of years trying to tame nature and come up with advances that make interaction with the elements an optional recreational activity rather than a necessity. . dangerous in terrible.

here Are there some things you should pack to make Make your next camping trip more fun, relaxing and safe.

pack a tarp

when you lie downjust a tent and a blanket not enough.lifehacker staff writer Meredith Dietz also suggested packing Tarpaulin. these are Pull double duty, better protect your body from pointy Creepy crawler with rocks under you, When protection your food or Elements, animals and even possessions from other campers.

Bring an inflatable solar lantern

You may have already packed a flashlight, Similar to candles and matches, light is sorely needed, especially if you’re setting up camp in a place you’ve never been. Jordan Hicks: Solar lanterns use the sun’s rays to recharge during the day, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.packing. inflatable solar lantern, in this waycollapsible, waterproof, bright and gives off light for up to 24 hours.

Equipped with a dedicated water filter

Personal water purifier According to Hicks, it is a must. Even personal straw filters like life straw, does the trick. Of course, you should have as much drinking water as possible, but in the unlikely event that you run out of water or find yourself without it, having a device that protects you from bacteria, parasites and microplastics will help you dehydrate. You can prevent symptoms and get back to your normal life. safer place.

load the transceiver

Even if you choose a location with decent cell service, it’s wise to have walkie-talkies for everyone in your group in case you get separated or find the service to be worse than expected. Granted, it’s 2022 now, so you might not even have a walkie-talkie. They’re all over the place, but these things come in a wide range of price points.check out Highly rated this set about $30 or These are around $150.

bring a multi tool

It’s hard to predict what you’ll encounter when you go camping, but even if you only plan to use your fire starter to read a book and unwind, you’ll be surprised by some of the problems you’ll encounter while camping. maybe. miles from the nearest store.Your best bet is a multi-tool like This 14-in-1 bad boywhich Comes with needle nose pliers, needle nose pliers, pliers, assorted knives and screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. You can’t anticipate every problem you’ll run into, but for about $20 you’ll at least stock up on tools that can help you tackle them.Thanks to Lifehacker Senior Health Editor This is Beth Swarecki.

other necessities

In addition to these ideas, here more The basics you need for a camping trip, according to Safety Organization SureFire CPR:

  • flashlight
  • battery
  • Garbage bag for garbage. Animals are more likely to stay away from the site.
  • insect repellent spray
  • extra water
  • First aid
  • matches (and lighters))
  • compass
  • Sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirt
  • strong tape
  • whistle
  • extra clothing

Never go camping without these things

Source link Never go camping without these things

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